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Pocket Monsters: the animation – the secrets of Pokémon anime!

ita icon_satoshipediaTakeshi Shudo, creator of the Pokémon anime, published  in 1997 and in 1999 two books in which he revealed some of the greatest secrets of the Pokémon anime. These secrets hide many details about the characters of the animated series and also clarify several inconsistencies in the episodes.

Note: The informations that Shudo reported in these books are not another version of the anime, but informations that, for various reasons, Shudo could not explain in the episodes

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Unfortunately, being them “old books” and being available only in Japanese language, it is extremely difficult to find the full translations. However, after a thorough search on the internet, I managed to find some kind of comprehensive summary of the most important information.

Let’s start from the prologue:

It happened one night.
In the darkness, a small light was glowing.
Pop …
There was a little noise, like an explosion in the air.
Then, a creature is born.

Meanwhile, elsewhere …
Pop …
Pop …
Pop …

Those creatures are born, one after the other.
All these creatures were of different sizes and shapes.
Some of these were like some we know.
But in fact, were completely different from any other
creature that ever existed in the world.

Like humans, who after a long time of evolution, became different from any species of monkey.
Each species in the world descends from creatures that already existed. But these creatures were different …

Suddenly, one evening …
Pop …
Pop …
Pop …

They appear as they are, in ways we can not recognize in our reference books.
Then people called these creatures “Pocket Monsters”.
Why are Pocket Monsters in our world? Trying to explain this mystery is as difficult as explaining the mystery of human evolution.

– “Introduction to the Pokémon study.
by Yukinari Ookido (Samuel Oak)
Pokémon study Professor (Celadon University).

This prologue is an important information, because somehow it solves the first of many great Pokéfans’ questions:
“Where do Pokémon come from?”
After the preface, there are some infos about Ash.

The book also explains that, according to legend, God created the world in a week. The 7th day he “sketched” some extra animals: the Pokémon. They are then born on a day of celebration” and are not intended nor to be dominated by humans, nor to dominate humans.

In the 18th century, zoology became a professional scientific discipline but there were some mysterious creatures that you could not classify, as the dragons and sirens. Then, the French count Tajiri (surely inspired by Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokémon ) has discovered and studied the pokémon to try to give an answer to everything.


After the peface, it talks about the history of Ash, his childhood, his father and how Delia approached her motherhood despite the absence of her husband.

Here are the salient information:

> Delia manages the “Pallet House” inn

> Ash’s father is a Pokémon Trainer currently traveling in a faraway land. Delia knew him at the Pallet House, when she was 18. The two fell in love and their relationship became rapidly stronger, so that within the same year they got married. Hovever, soon after Ash’s birth, he left Pallet Town and never returned. Delia was only 19 years old. In the following years after her husband’s disappearance, several men asked her hand in marriage, but she refused them all, because she never wanted to divorce from Ash’s father.

> Ash’s maternal grandmother has died shortly after his birth, because of an illness. His maternal grandfather abandoned the family to become a Pokémon trainer and never returned.

> Around three years of age Ash starts to become very ribellious. In fact, as a child he loved playing around and cause mischief.

> Ash had problems with bullying at maternal and primary school. Hovever, when he got annoyed by someone, he’d get the teachers or the bully’s father to tell them off. If the bully’s father wouldn’t do so, he’d make sure at least the teacher did.

> Delia gave Ash the Voltorb’s alarm clock for his 10th birthday


All details are available at the following links:

> Delia Ketchum: the Super Mom

> Ash’s Family

> Ash’s Childhood

> In-depth analysis about Ash’s father


In the Pokemon World, compulsory education ends at age 10. After their 10th birthday, children are considered as adults.
The following April (after turning 10), Pokémon trainers can choose to continue with secondary school or focus on something else, such as Pokémon training, starting a career or even getting married! Most of the males in the Pokémon World try to be a Pokemon trainer, and of course, most of them utterly fail hard. Then they just become incompetent adults.

This is why both Ash’s father and grandfather left for a trip and is also why most of the workers are female.


This is the book in which Takeshi Shudo revealed that Ash, on the day of his departure was exactly 10 years, 10 months and 10 days old.


As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Pokémon trainers left on April after their tenth birthday, so here we see clearly the inconsistency in the first episode of the animated series in which it’s said that “Ash was leaving because he has just turned 10”.
But at the same time, Gary and other two trainers left. Was it everyone’s birthday, perhaps? Obviously, the answer is “NO!”.

The writers have made a mistake.

But that’s not all. Since Ash’s Journey started on April 1st, going 10 years, 10 months and 10 days back, it is possible to determine the date of his birth: May 22nd. So, on April 1st, Ash was almost 11.

During the 9th episode of the animated series it was made ​​clear that two months have passed since Ash’s departure. Here’s the confirmation that he has been 10 years old only in the first 6-7 episodes of the animated series.


Before his departure, Ash has spent 10 days trying to find his characteristic pose of victory (that always accompanies his “Getto Daze”). Here’s a small image, taken from the book, of his various attempts :)



Masara Village is a small rural town, there are not many free occupations. Because of that, generally, children who pass the age of 10 tend to become Pokémon trainers. Unfortunately, the trainers of Masara Village always end up in the last positions of the top 10 thousand Pokémon trainer (monthly published ranking).


100 years ago, Masara Village was called  Masshiro Village. There lived an extraordinary Pokémon trainer, named Ookido Masara. He stood at position 921 in the TOP 10 thousand trainers, highest position ever achieved by a resident of the city.

Ookido Masara was honored as a hero by the people, so they renamed the city “Masara Village”.


The Japanese name of Professor Samuel Oak is Yukinari Ookido. In fact, prof. Oak is Masara Ookido’s grandson. Samuel has two older brothers, the eldest of whom is the mayor of the city (first series), while the middle brother is the Head of the Post Office. Gary’s cheerleaders were hired right from the mayor, the boy’s great-uncle.

About Gary, he and Ash have not attended the same elementary school. Being a member of the family Oak, Gary decided to attend an elementary school in the nearby town. Since he’s member of the Oak family, he didn’t want to attend the small primary school of Pallet Town. Every day he had a two hour journey to get to and from school.



Samuel Oak published (at the age of 20) a theory about Pokémon titled: “Pokémon are different from other creatures of this world”. It was precisely this thesis that led him to success in the study of Pokémon. At the age of 25, he received an award for the results of his research and was promoted to the rank of Professor Emeritus of the Department of the City University Tamamushi (Japanese name of Celadon City).

When he was 30, without publishing any academic paper, he returned to his hometown (Masara) and he opened a small laboratory for unknown reasons. There are rumors about a girl trainer that he supervised, who broke his heart.

Initially, Ash didn’t know much prof. Oak, he had only seen him a few times, at night, in the mother’s inn (Ash must have been sleeping, he probably didn’t have chance to talk with the professor). Oak always orders precooked Chazuke, Furikake and Curry.  He eats in silence while reading a book. This seemes very strange to Delia, because those were foods that could be bought at any grocer’s.


When Ash received Pikachu, Professor Oak instructed him to give a nickname to the Pokémon. The boy, however, had not planned to begin his journey with Pikachu, so he thought of nicknames only for BulbasaurCharmander and Squirtle, respectively: DanesukeKagetarou and Zenibou. So, Ash improvised nicknames such as: PikabouPikasukePikatarouPikaoPikataPikazaemonPikanosukePikabee… but Pikachu liked none of them, so Ash decided not to give him a nickname. After that, Oak informed the boy that some Pokémon hate humans also because they choose names for them and treat them as pets.


Shudo, in these books, also explained that the “Pokémon Anime” hides some very important messages.
For example, there is a very specific reason for which many main characters of the anime didn’t have a father, or at least have a problem with him: “Children who do not have a model of a father grow up thanks to a trip”. Another important message relates to Brock, explains why he never succeeds in winning the heart of any girl:

Brock falls in love with every girl he sees, because he unconsciously wants to give a new mother to his brothers. He wants to replace, in some way, the mother figure that hasn’t been present in the past. However, because of this, Brock will never get to the heart of any girl, until he changes his way of seeing “love”.


As for Brock, Shudo also told the story of his family.

Brock’s mother, in fact, married and divorced several times because she had problems with the Pewter Gym. Brock’s father left home because he wanted to become a Pokémon trainer and the woman tried to manage herself the gym, task that, however, wasn’t easy at all.

There were strict rules, such as the one for which after 3 consecutive defeats, the Gym Leader is exonerated from his role.
For this, many times, challengers were corrupted by the gym leaders. Moreover, the costs were high and the government’s support was not enough. She remarried several times, but all her husbands ended up running away, unable to bear this responsibility. Brock’s brothers are actually the children of all these husbands.

When Brock got his license of gym leader, the mother ran away from home leaving a letter: “I had too many successors (perhaps intended as sons). Since my duty was done, from now on I want to enjoy my life”. Unfortunately, the real Brock’s father didn’t came back and the boy was forced to give up his dream of going on a trip because of his family, although the brothers encouraged him to leave home because they felt guilty for him.

Click here to read a piece of the chapter in which it is spoken of Brock.
In this link there are written the first few pages of a diary by the same Brock once he started his journey.


 One of the many chapters of the book also speak about Misty. In particular, we find that her parents have left, leaving the gym in the hands of the daughters.
As for Misty’s sisters, Shudo also clarifies why each one have a different color of hair: in fact they are wearing wigs, because of their shows. Their natural hair are blacks.
In this chapter, Shudo also confirmed that Misty is the same age as Ash.



Jesse, James and Meowth were much appreciated by Shudo. Indeed, for the Advanced series, he finds himself having to choose whether to delete them or Misty from the protagonists of the anime. Shudo chose Misty, because he believed that the Rocket Trio was irreplaceable.

Of course Shudo dedicated fragments of the book to the Rocket Trio too , in fact in THIS LINK you can read the translation of an interesting paragraph about Jessie, in which she describes her first mission as a member of Team Rocket.


In addition, here are a couple of trivia about Trio Rocket from the book:

– Jessie and James actually used the name of Miyamoto and Sasaki when staying in a hotel for recuperation (disguising themselves as a couple and Nyarth as their kid, putting bandage around their whole body) The hotel owner thinks that it’s weird that they are married but have different surnames. The book doesn’t confirm that they are their real surnames or not.

– Musashi and Kojiro hold a record in Team Rocket (eating one year old moldy fried rice and being okay)


 Article in update…


Finally, here is a list of all the chapters of books.

-Vol. 1 旅立ち – Departure –

Chapter 1 旅立ちは、パジャマのままで。 – Setting Off In Pajamas.
Chapter 2 しびれる出会いはピカチュウと – A Shocking Meeting with Pikachu
Chapter 3 旅立ちの日はオニスズメ – Spearow on Departure Day
Chapter 4 ニャース・アタック – Meowth Attack
Chapter 5 森を抜けて – Escape the Forest
Chapter 6 バタフリー飛んだ! – Butterfree Took Flight!

– Vol. 2 仲間 – Companions –

Chapter 1 ニビシティのイワーク – Onix of Nibi City
Chapter 2 ゲット・グレーバッジ – Get the Boulder Badge
Chapter 3 ハナダシティの四姉妹 – The Four Sisters of Hanada City
Chapter 4 クチバジムの対決 – Showdown at Kuchiba Gym
付録 – Appendix


At the moment this is all the information I could find, if I find more I will update the item immediately :)

Here are the links to the sources from which my work derives and to the translated the article:

– Some chapters in original language and English

Curiosity transcribed by a blogger who has read the books

Translation of novels

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About Pokénerd

Pokénerd was born in Umbria, Italy, in June 1992. She got so attached to the pokémon anime since the very beginning that she carefully watches every single episode. Her knowledge about the main character, Ash Ketchum is really vast. She discovered everything about him, and now she manages the entire online encyclopedia

“Pokemon: The Animation” – Official information about Ash’s father

ita icon_satoshipediaTakeshi Shudo, creator of the Pokémon anime, published in 1997 and in 1999 two books titled Pocket Monsters: The Animation Volume 1 and 2, in which he revealed some of the greatest mysteries of the Pokemon series.

CLICK HERE for more information about these books!

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This is the chapter in which there are official information about Ash’s father:

“I can’t sleep.” Ash said.
Delia answered, with striking Ash’s pillow:
“Sure, I can understand your feeling. All 10 and over years old kids in this town aim to be a Pokémon trainer. Your dad, your grandpa…and you…”
When she mentioned his father and his grandpa, Ash’s pillow was became a punching bag.

“Dad and grandpa…”
A memory of when he was 5 flashed in Satoshi’s mind.


It was the day when a PC was given to him for the first time.
Delia said, while staring at the brand-new PC:
“Hey, my son. I must say to you: your father and grandpa are great Pokémon trainers. Aren’t they?”
Ash was sure about this.

“Hey mom, tell me! What is my dad like? What sort of a man is my grandpa?”
When little Ash asked, she always gave the same answer.
“Your dad and grandpa are surreal trainers who surpass the hero Ookido Masara, probably.”

“Surreal?” It wasn’t a familiar word for him.

“Fantastic, over-realistic”

“They are superior men, you meant.”

“It’s something like that.”

But the day when the PC was delivered, superior dad and grandpa transformed into different persons. This is how it happened…
Delia got closer to the little Ash.
“Sorry, dear. I told you a falsehood.” Delia said to Ash with his mouth wide open.


“Surrealistic trainers. Surrealistic is super-realistic, super-realistic means to stand aloof from the reality… in other words, it’s a nonsense. Give me a break!”

A break should have been given to Ash more than her.

Then, Delia asked:

“Ash, when you begin to use a PC, you get into on-line communication, don’t you?”

“Yeah” Ash nodded.

“Then, you access to Pokémon-related web pages, and maybe you want to know more about your dad and grandpa.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“But perhaps you won’t be able to know it. ”

“Why? ”

“‘Cause I told a pack of lies…”


“It’s not a lie that your dad and grandpa aimed to be Pokémon trainers…it’s a fact…they are away on a journey, it’s an obvious fact, too.”


“But they became full-fledged trainers…”


“It is a lie, probably.”

“A lie?”

“You have never seen the report your dad and grandpa were elected to the ten thousand best trainers in a magazine or a journal, haven’t you?”

“Yeah, I’ve never seen it.”

“But it’s also true that only the Pokémon League participant of this year are listed in the top 10k trainers.  Great Pokémon Masters have nothing to do with the Pokémon League. Many great trainers are not in that ranking.”


“But if you check on the Internet you may find what you look for.”


“Yeah, you can get easily on the membership list of the World Pokemon trainers Association…. all official trainers are on the list I’ve heard that there are billions of names including the deceased trainers…”

“The membership list? That’s the first time I hear of it.”
“You can get it. Then you can search easily for your dad and grandpa’s names by PC even if there are billions of official trainers. So you’ll discover you can’t find the names of your dad and grandpa.”


“Your dad and grandpa aren’t authorized yet. In other words, they aren’t official trainers yet.”


A long silence hung between Delia and Ash for some time.
“What are they doing now? Dad and grandpa?” Ash asked.
Delia shrugged her shoulders.
“I don’t knoooow. Even if they are aiming to be trainers… their names aren’t on the list… it’s so fruitless…”
“It’s so fruitless…”
Ash repeated Delia words.
Since Delia hates make his son sad, she said it as if it wasn’t important.
“But, it doesn’t mean your efforts are fruitless. Don’t mind about your dad and grandpa, from now on. It is up to you whether you become a trainer or not, Ash.”
“Wow! Super Cool!”
“Yeah, Cool. “Very Super” Cool.”

Delia smiled.
It was a relief for her to realize that Ash wasn’t deeply shocked.
Ash’s feeling was as his word “Cool!”.

His dad and grandpa rarely were there with him: Ash has seen them only in some pictures.
In five years of life, Ash seemed not to have had a real story…
Whether his father and grandfather are great trainers or not, he didn’t change his wish of becoming a Pokémon trainer.

But Delia occasionally murmured:
“Ash’s dad and grandpa are still on a journey somewhere with the aim of becoming Pokémon Masters… What an envy!”
Ash heard these words so many times, because they reached his ears at least until he turned ten.
It was natural for Ash to dream of becoming a Pokémon Trainer.
But Delia didn’t mutter these words because of her anxiety for their safety, but just because she loves Pokémon and she wished to be a Pokémon Trainer.
If she wouldn’t have been the successor of her mother’s restaurant, she would have gone on a journey when she was 10 to become a Pokémon Trainer like Satoshi even if she would have had to run against her parents’ opposition.

They say that it’s better for a trainer’s formation to start the journey when he’s young.
But she felt so young…

“If someone who wants to succeed my mother’s restaurant appears, I will leave it to  him and I will start my journey immediately.
Hanako didn’t ever give up.
One day when she was 18… (Hanako’s mother was still living).
She fell in love at first sight with a traveler with the aim of becoming a Pokèmon Trainer who stayed at her mother’s inn.
Also, he fell in love with her.
Delia felt the same as him, and she married him very soon, without knowing the exact reason.

But he left on a journey, and never again returned home.
As if it wasn’t enough, her mother instantly died because of a disease.
Delia inherited the inn and a newborn baby.
“Do you still love him?” If she was asked, she would reply “No, sure!”.
If a woman like Delia was abandoned, and her husband returned back home after 10 years shamelessly, she would ignore him because getting angry is fruitless.
Delia did her best and grew up her son all alone until he decided to leave for his journey.
“Because it’s natural” she thinks.


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About Pokénerd

Pokénerd was born in Umbria, Italy, in June 1992. She got so attached to the pokémon anime since the very beginning that she carefully watches every single episode. Her knowledge about the main character, Ash Ketchum is really vast. She discovered everything about him, and now she manages the entire online encyclopedia