Ash’s Voice Actors

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Ash’s voice was interpreted by:

Japan: Rica Matsumoto

In Japan, the voice actors are called Seiyuu and they are very important figures, because in Japanese culture it’ss as if they “reincarnated” the characters they dub.

In fact, there is no wonder when Rica is often called “Satoshi Sama” or similar.

Rica, as well as being a talented actress and voice actress, is also a singer, In fact, in addition to having published some of her albums, she sang most of the opening themes of the anime Pokémon impersonating Ash who, in dubbing too, is rendered very well by the masculine voice of Rica.

About Ash, Rica said during an interview: “Satoshi (Ash) always comes up with fun phrases, such as ‘pajama wa jama’ (Japanese pun that more or less means ‘pajamas are a threat’) or jokes. This is what drew me to him as a character. “

Ash dubbed by Rica in the first series:

Ash dubbed by Rica now:

English dub: Veronica Taylor & Sarah Natochenny

Veronyca Taylor has been Ash’s English voice actress for 4Kids Entertainment and has held this role until the series Advanced Battle comprised. From then on she has been replaced by Sarah Natochenny.

Veronica voiced Ash in the first 8 seasons, so she gavea childish voice to the character (despite she tried, as far as possible, to create a more “mature” voice) . With the transition from 4Kids to Pokémon USA, which required a change of voice actors too, the staff decided to give Ash a voice similar to Rica Matsumoto’s one, so the role passed to Sarah Natochenny.

Veronica Taylor was also the voice of Delia (Ash’s Mom) and May, while Sarah Natochenny was also Dawn’s Buneary.

Veronica’s voice while she interprets Ash:

Sarah’s voice while she interprets Ash:

Italy: Davide Garbolino

Italian famous voice actor who interpreted many characters in animated series and movies. Several years ago led “Ciao

Ciao” and “Ciao Ciao Mattina”. He is the official voice of Topo Gigio (2005) and Bugs Bunny.

Regarding the Pokémon anime, Davide interprets Ash’s voice since the first series, therefore always, in fact, over the years, he has done an excellent job of recreating the  “growing up voice” of Ash.

He also directed the dubbing of the film “Pokémon The Rise of Darkrai”.

Davide’s voice while he interprets Ash (tracks taken from the 3rd movie and XY, so you can notice the “growing up” voice)

Spain: Adolfo Moreno

Adolfo’s voice while he interprets Ash: 

Germany: Veronika Neugebauer and Caroline Combrinck

Veronika Neugebauer has dubbed Ash only in some series (EP158DP104), the principal (who still holds the role) is Caroline Combrinck (EP001EP157DP105-/).

Veronika Neugebauer

Veronika’s voice while she interprets Ash:

Caroline Combrinck

France: Aurelien Ringelheim

Aurelien’s voice while he interprets Ash:

Norway: Nils-Martin Crawfurd

Nils-Martin’s voice while he interprets Ash:

Sweden: Dick Eriksson

Dick’s voice while he interprets Ash:

Denmark: Mathias Klenske

*photo not available*

Matias’s voice while he interprets Ash:

Other States:

ARA Bandiera.png Arab Buthaina Shia
CAT Bandiera.png Catalan Enric Puig
Chinese Mandarin  Hè Shìfāng
Li Míngxìng
Wāng Shìwěi
RCE Bandiera.png Czech Republic Radek Škvor
CRO Bandiera.png Croatian Saša Buneta
Marko Torjanac
FILIP Bandiera.png Philippine Klariz Magboo
FIL Bandiera.png Finnish Sari Moilanen
Hanna Savikko
OLA Bandiera.png Dutch Christa Lips
CAN Bandiera.png Canadian Sébastien Reding
GRE Bandiera.png Greek  Voula Kosta
ISR Bandiera.png Israeli  Yonatan Magon
Daniel Magon
IND Bandiera.png Hindi Rahul Sharma (Cartoon Network dub)
Nachiket Dighe (Hungama dub)
UNG Bandiera.png Hungarian Szvetlov Balázs
Ungvári Gergely
SKO Bandiera.png Korean  Choi Deok-Hyi
Lee Seon-Ho
An Hyeon-Seo
POL Bandiera.png Polish Hanna Kinder-Kiss (EP001-AG040, DP053-/, all movies)
Grzegorz Drojewski (DP001-DP052)
Portuguese BRA Bandiera.png Fábio Lucindo
POR Bandiera.png Maria João Luís (EP001-EP031)
Sandra Faleiro (EP032-EP094)
Sandra de Castro (EP095-EP128, EP158-EP209, AG093-AG177), DP001-/, Pokémon Live)
Alexandra Sedas (EP129-EP157)
Cristina Carvalhal (movies 3 and 4)
Bárbara Lourenço (EP210-AG040)
Raquel Ferreira (AG041-AG092)
Ana Madureira (AG178-AG192)
RUS Bandiera.png Russian  Anna Levchenko (EP001-EP105)
Larisa Nekipelova (DP105-/)
CELAC Bandiera.png Latin America Gabriel Ramos
Irwin Daayán (DP091-DP104)
Emiliano Dionisi (movies 6 and 7)
TUR Bandiera.png Turkish Ahmet Taşar

We’re sorry for all our eventual grammatical and lexical mistakes. We’re Italian and we’re trying to do our best 🙂

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