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Pokénerd was born in Umbria, Italy, in June 1992. She got so attached to the pokémon anime since the very beginning that she carefully watches every single episode. Her knowledge about the main character, Ash Ketchum is really vast. She discovered everything about him, and now she manages the entire online encyclopedia

Letter to mr. Yuyama

💡 We’re sorry for all our syntactical and grammatical errors. We’re italian and we’re doing our best  💡

Dear Mr. Yuyama, this letter is from all the staff of Satoshipedia.

We all are really fond of the Pokemon Anime, some of us even since the first episode has been aired. Probably you won’t consider what we veterans think, but for once maybe it is best to listen to us, since the audience wievs of the Pokemon anime are dangerously dropping. We sincerely think that is quite selfish to aim the anime to “your 10 years old self”. You know better than us that Pokemon is a Shonen Anime and not a Kodomo, so the audience wants to see Satoshi grow up, and not to take steps back. This is why in all of this years, the audience continued to drop.

We, since we are writers, deeply think that creating a character means to give him life: it is a great responsibility, because somehow you made something born, and that thing can become the reference point for someone. This works also for us: you don’t have any idea how many difficult moments Satoshi has helped us to face, and you know why? Because characters have psychology, a life story, a soul…they are alive, even if we cannot talk to them physically or touch them, we have to respect their life just like anyone else!

So it is necessary to let you know a bit of a particular history, the history of someone we know, bullied for years for her tardive growth. Satoshi was her only anchor of salvation: he cured her pains, he comforted her and he helped her to become braver. He saved her life and nowadays that person still considers Satoshi as her hero. So watching him grow up alongside her, it reassured her to live a better life. Yes, you understood right: an eternal kid Satoshi would NOT have been able to give her the same strenght. Those are exactly the world she spoke. And now, thanks to your reboots, she has stopped watching the anime: she who loved you before anything else and considered you like her some kind of angels. If you want, we can let you contact this person, but most probably it won’t bother you.

Returning to us, you don’t have any idea how much we suffer watching Satoshi being “bullied” by the majority of the web. We read articles about him, on famous animation websites, and Satoshi was listed as “The biggest loser in anime history” or even worse “The main character who never grows up”. We always tried our best to defend him, by using Satoshipedia. Sometimes we are harsh, but it is the love and affection for Satoshi that encourages us to do so. We know every single episode by heart, and even if you keep regressing Satoshi back, we know that in the anime THERE IS a timeline. WE SAW Satoshi growing up and becoming more and more mature: nobody could ever convince us of the contrary, not even you. So we ask to you to let him live his future, in order to let him be loved just like the other characters.

Please, promise us that you’ll at least reflect on what we wrote. We just wanto to see Satoshi growing up and, also just like anyone else, we wish him to really become a Pokemon Master. We think he deserves it and you have to do it, after all he has done for you in those years. Please take act of the responsability you have on him, do not underestimate it, please! Thank you for your time.

Best regards, Satoshipedia’s Staff


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About Pokénerd

Pokénerd was born in Umbria, Italy, in June 1992. She got so attached to the pokémon anime since the very beginning that she carefully watches every single episode. Her knowledge about the main character, Ash Ketchum is really vast. She discovered everything about him, and now she manages the entire online encyclopedia

To fall in love with a character is POSSIBLE and it’s a REAL feeling!

Do you fell in love with an anime or manga character but your family and your friends doesn’t understand your feelings and/or try to clinicize you? This article is just what you needed!

We staff of Satoshipedia, realized it with the help and consulence of a well known psychologist (only to tranquilize the ones who believe that there is illness in it).

This is an amatorial article, resumed with “our words”, using personal experiences. We absolutely don’t want to generalize or entering in subjects we don’t have the knowledge to explore

First thing first we explained the doctor all the work that is behind the realization of an anime character (this also can be applied to a book character or another product developed by the same criteria): the main characteristic is the realism implied in it: so a psychology and a realistic story, full of details and rich of particularities. These characters, do NOT represent the stereotype of the “omnipotent” hero who lives in a utopistic perfect world: in the most cases they live a social and family life common in our reality, sometimes even problematic (lack of a parent, deaths, conflictual relationship,divorce,bully problems and so on).

So the characters have to make a journey on how to develop and grow, that will help them find the accomplishment of their goals. We viewers, just follow them in their journey and maybe also learn on how to deal with our problems following their personal experiences.

It is not a coincidence that in Japan there are even monuments of anime/manga characters, the One Piece Manga is even studied by japanese psychologist, because it is implied that helps people who feel lost and alone. Those are things that are considered absurd for the ones who don’t know japanese culture,because the occidental view off animation and comics is often associated with childhood or immaturity. But in Japan anime and manga are part of the culture of the country and exist for all the ranges of age and target.

Attack on Titan poster pubblished (in Japan) by the Minister of Health,Work and welfare in which the characters of this anime explain: “Choose what you prefer (to cover yourself) when you sneeze or cough”. And in the upper left angle of a poster there’s a titan coughing without covering his mouth.

Our experience is with Ash, so we presented him to the doctor in a very detailled way. He also as a very detailed psychology and a not very simple family situation. We are talking about a boy who was abandoned by his father, when he was just born, raised by a single mum, who was only nineteen when she gave birth and who just lost her mother (Ash’s granny). We also learnt how this has influenced Ash’s psychology who sometimes, had to help his mother who was literally in tears. His strong personality is derivated by the absence of his father, and by the personality (still very positive) of his own mother.

English translation: Ash’s Funfacts – The night before he started his journey, Ash promised his mother Delia that he would never be like his father. It is for this that he regularly came back after the end of every journey and when he was away he was worried that Professor Oak and Tracey Sketchit would not visit often her mother.

These details help creating a very realistic story: small details that can be not useful in the creation of a plot, but in reality bring an everyday sense of life and the perception of knowing these characters like they are friends which we spend time in our everyday real life.

English translation: Ash’s funfacts – Delia Ketchum often asked her son Ash to help her gardening. But Delia made Ash work so much that he could not even study.
English translation: Ash’s Funfacts – When he was a child Ash loved playing around and making messes. He started to get a bit naughty when he was around three. Delia often scolded him when he caused too many problems, but he never forced him to focalize his energies on his studies.

Speaking of Ash, he does not represent the perfect hero: even if he’s brave and has an extremely positive way of thinking, we learnt that he also feel vulnerability, errors, fears and problems of his character. Ash, teaches us on how to face problems in the most realistic way.

English translation: “This isn’t right! Not even myself know how should I Face problems! But you see.. instead of worring I always look to the positive side of it. Because even if things got wrong, I still have learnt something new. Nothing we do has to be lost! [Ash Ketchum]”

After learning the complexity of the character, the doctor asked us “Is Ash sexualized? Does he has a sexual orientment?”. The answer of these questions was obviously yes.

Ash is a male human guy, so the difference between him and an “object” is that he has a sexuality and characterics that are always present in his gender. So there’s nothing wrong in falling in love with him, and to feel all the “physical emotion” of sexual attraction (not getting deeper in it for obvious reasons”).

In scientific terms it is called “unilateral love” because it cannot be felt in both parts. There are mostly not very differences with falling in love with a real person, because in this case there is the possibility of being rejected. In both situations we feel loving someone who have known for long, but we couldn’t have a physical relation with it.
So considering the realistic and detailled psychology of the characters, united with the sexualization, in the end falling in love with a fictional character it is not an illness: it is an absolutely real feeling.

But do we can consider them as our “first love” or an effective “fianceè” of our life?

Starting with the fact that nobody cannot trashtalk about our feelings because they are real, we also have a scientific answer to this doubt.

Obviously, between character and real person there’s an evident and uncanny difference: with the character we cannot have a dialogue or a “real” relationship, so we feel the thing to “search for his presence” and everyone has his ways.
With Ash’s case (and characters like him) the most common way it is to take example from him, applying his teachings on real life.

English translation: “Being Prudent is good,but there are things you cannot known untill you’ve tried. Try at least once and everything will be fine!”[Ash Ketchum]

We explained the doctor a case of real life:
A Girl who suffered from violent panic attacks, was anxious to the idea to face his first work call. The panic attacks left her with a difficult situation, but she found strength in dealing with it thinking about how Ash would have done it: “What woul Ash say to me if he was here? He will obviously tell me to not give up even after a fail”. So the girl remembered a promise “she made to Ash”: to fully work on his dream. Getting strength from this promise and with the conviction that Ash would be proud of her, the girl picked up the phone and everything went fine.

English translation: “Everything we do in our life is precious: Every experience can help us to achieve our goals”[Ash Ketchum]
After listening to this story the doctor explained “See?This is a case on which Ash helped with a active support: he practically was there, motivating this girl. There are no doubts that he could be considered her first love”.

Even if these words are fruit of a writer work there are still Ash’s words: because a writer has to think with the brains of the character on he is working, not with his own. He has to follow strictly Ash’s psychology, that can be different from his own. Obviosly some situation can bring the character to a psychological change, like it would happen in reality.

There’s a term on how to indicate an anime/manga character on who you are desperately fallen in love with: waifu for girls character and husbando for male characters.

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About Pokénerd

Pokénerd was born in Umbria, Italy, in June 1992. She got so attached to the pokémon anime since the very beginning that she carefully watches every single episode. Her knowledge about the main character, Ash Ketchum is really vast. She discovered everything about him, and now she manages the entire online encyclopedia

Who’s Ash Ketchum – Satoshipedia

Our Site, Satoshipedia, is an online encyclopedia fully dedicated to Ash Ketchum, created in order to defend him from all the distorted spread information about him. Those cause a misguided and approximate consideration of this well known character.

In the most common information sites, Ash is commonly refered as a character who does not age and without a logic. His story in reality is much more complex than it looks, from every point of view:

As simplified by this picture in the upper line we saw the one who we call “the real Ash Ketchum”, the one who has his CANON appearence, who demonstrated maturation and growning of this character. His age,indeed, goes from 10/11 to 16/17 years old.

In the Lower line, however we see “parallel” and intentionally regressed versions of Ash.This is caused by commercial strategies from Pokemon Company, that are obviously causing a downgrade of sharings of the animated series. Other Details can be found here in those link.

Naturally that has caused a lot of confusion regarding Ash whom, from who doesn’t know the facts, is considerated an eternal Peter Pan. In reality, in the Canon anime series (and not only), time has objectively passed.It is important also to underline the deep psychology of the character of Ash. He has,indeed, a very articulated past on the back of his shoulders and this also defines his personality. All the details can be seen in those links

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About Pokénerd

Pokénerd was born in Umbria, Italy, in June 1992. She got so attached to the pokémon anime since the very beginning that she carefully watches every single episode. Her knowledge about the main character, Ash Ketchum is really vast. She discovered everything about him, and now she manages the entire online encyclopedia

Sun & Moon is NOT a continuation of XYZ series – The main characters are completely a new Ash and Pikachu

We’re sorry for the eventual grammatical errors and lexical mistakes we could do.  We are Italian so we’ll try our best!

ita icon_satoshipedia

Let’s start from Masafumi Mima’s tweet (The Sound director of Pokémon anime series)

Just for this reason, the final episode of Pokémon XYZ
has to be considered absolutely conclusive since there isn’t even the
usual ending sentence “next time a new beginning”.



This is because the main series, at the moment, it’s really over.
Sun&Moon is only a NEW Pokémon anime, with a reboot of the protagonist who is strongly reminiscent of Ash. This is due to merchandising reasons.

One of the reasons that led the anime to its end is without any doubt the fact that its ratings drastically crashed in Japan, as demonstrated by the graphic below:

OS 8.3%18.6% AVG 14.105%
JT 5.3%14.9% AVG 10.689%
AG 4.2%11.0% AVG 7.065%
DP 4.1% 9.3% AVG 6.396%
BW 2.2%9.3% AVG 5.292%
XY 3.2%6.4% AVG 4.559%
XYZ 2.4%4.4% AVG 3.673%

As you can see, the series registered a gradual audience ratings decline. XY and XYZ series were much appreciated from Western audiences despite the fact that they registered the lowest rate in Japan.

This led to a drastic reduction of staff’s funds, ever since the promotion of the film “Volcanion the Mechanical Marvel. Because of these cuts, with the Sun&Moon anime series the frame rate of the episodes has been lowered.

As you can understand by yourself, the Pokémon anime is in a bad situation which is caused by the same staff of the animated series, who completely ignored Shudo’s directives. As time goes by, the audience became gradually sick of seeing Ash that loses everytime and re-starts with a new journey, as if nothing had happened, instead of realizing his dream. At this point, in order to send things forward, it has been decided to focus entirely on the merchandising aspect. And here I am going to explain the reason why Black&White and Sun&Moon have to be considered a world apart, that is to say, series not linked with the main ones.

The plot of the Pokémon TV series does not always follow a logical thread. Moreover, for primarily economic necessity, writers are inclined to create series comparable to spin-offa. This often happens without explaining it directly in the episodes of the series (which keeps going on without any explanation of these story changes).

Concerning the Pokémon anime, a real continuity is ensured by the following main series: Kanto – Orange – Johto – Hoenn – Kanto BF – Sinnoh – Kalos. By following the episodes of these series, you may notice that there is a plot progression in the aforementioned regions, thus also proving that there is a connection and a progression, indeed, among them.

Black&White and the Sun&Moon are reboot and parallel series that feature a regressed version of Ash, also differentiated from the original with a change of Character Design (in order to attract young audiences). As well said by Masafumi Mima, that’s not the same Ash of original series and he shouldn’t be confused with him.

The official manga of the 20th pokemon movie shows “SM Ash” remembering his past, and he is shown with the outfit of this movie. As we know the 20th movie is settled into a parallel dimension, connected to Sun&Moon.

As for Black&White saga, at those times the reboot strategy was tried, but with the audience drop of viewings they tried to adjust the series with the cameos of Dawn and Charizard (adding Brock& Misty in flashbacks). This has caused a lot of confusion about where Black&White is linked with the series. However the endings of DP Saga and XYZ Saga have some scene that are marks of showing a crossroad of the story: the last shoots of Ash where Ash goes far from the camera.


In the Sun & Moon Series Misty and Brock have been shown with the original clothes they had, rather than their most recent ones, mainly because there’s no continuity between the series anymore (this is also valid for the pajama that “Ash” wears in the last episode of the Black & White series).

The presence of Misty & Brock is simply a tentative to adjust the flop of the anime, badly echoing the first generation. As proof of this, before the airing of the these episodes a survey was indeed in which was asked “Which of Ash’s past companions, would you like to return for a cameo?”


At the end of the XYZ series we could see some small forms of protest by the same animation directors or writers. This tells us that even they haven’t an effective control of the anime; in fact the staff changes with each generation and given that Pokémon is a commercial anime, control goes mainly to sponsors such as TV Tokyo. Obviously, they do not care about Ash and the storyline: their only interest is to cash with ratings and merchandising.


We of Satoshipedia join to the protests, because we care about Ash and the development of his history. We decided to stop following the anime, because to continue would mean to accept the treatment that is reserved to Ash for purely commercial purposes, which it was against the same Takeshi Shudo (creator the anime).

As explained in our separate article, Takeshi Shudo wanted to create an anime targeted to both children and adults, and he care relative of the gain. This led him to disagree with the other writers, that have gradually removed to Shudo the control of his own anime.

I don’t need to explain how all that has happening is not right and is not respectful of Shudo and the same Ash. It’s up to you to decide whether to continue with the anime, but you must be aware of the consequences. No one denies that the episodes of Sun & Moon can be sympathetic or show the pseudoAsh in epic situations, However, the fact remains that this does not really respects Ash’s character, which continues to be seen by the public as a ridiculous and eternally childlike cartoon character (things that do not really represent him).

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About Pokénerd

Pokénerd was born in Umbria, Italy, in June 1992. She got so attached to the pokémon anime since the very beginning that she carefully watches every single episode. Her knowledge about the main character, Ash Ketchum is really vast. She discovered everything about him, and now she manages the entire online encyclopedia

Other sides of Ash Ketchum

ita icon_satoshipediaEverybody knows Ash Ketchum as a skillful Pokémon trainer, but there is more to his character.

The Chosen One (Pokémon: The Movie 2000)

In this movie we find out that Ash is the chosen one of an ancient prophecy of the Shamouti Island. It recites, amongst the many verses: “A Great controller shall calm the God’s anger“. 690809

Intially, when all the inhabitants were celebrating, unaware of the imminent tragedy, Ash is elected as ‘chosen’ simply because of his abilities as a trainer (he can “control” his Pokémons, as old Tobias said). During the festival Ash was asked to demonstrate that he was the chosen one by a ritual, that consisted in collecting three treasures located in some small temples consecreted to the three Legendary Birds: in the Fire Islands, Ice Islands and Lightning Islands.7909789
Ash found two of the three treasures by accident and managed to take those away. This showed that he really was the chosen one, the only one to find the last treasure and save the world.
In our version the prophecy refers to him because of the name “Ash”. In the english version the prophecy actually says “Thus the Earth shall turn to Ash”.

Aura Guardian

In the eighth movie “Lucario and the Mystery of Mew” we find out that Ash has a particular gift: he has the same Aura as Lucario.

There are some special people in the Pokémon world that have a well developed Aura, like Lucario’s. In a distant time, these people were called “Aura Guardians“.

Aura is an energy emitted by every living thing; in japanese is also called “Ki“. Aura Guardians can sense it, and with the right training, control it.589087

As far as Ash is concerned, many episodes show he has this ability. For example in the episodes “Poké57809mon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu” Ash could locate and comunicate with Riolu (Lucario’s pre-evolution), anywhere it was thanks to the aura. His ability has proven useful to Ranger Kellyn in order to rescue the Pokémon.

In the episode “The Keystone Pops!” Ash saves a village from the fury of a Spiritomb. A locald elderly woman states that Ash is a Aura Guardian, like the hero that saved the village centuries ago from the same Spiritomb. Ash then answers that he only wants to become a Pokémon Master and he’s not interestes in training his aura.66089

King of the Sea

In the movie “Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea” Ash is elected King of the Sea because he saved the temple by putting the Sea Crown in its place. The legend (in the original6777790 version of the movie) says: “Thee who holds the Sea Crown shall become the true King of the Sea ” so, because Ash has protected the crown he has also become its owner. He has also used it in order to save his friends from the threat represented by Phantom.6789

Ash, The Being of Willpower

In Diamond & Parl series it turns out that Ash, Dawn and Brock are connected to three pokémon: Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie. They are respectively defined as The Being of Willpower“, “The Being of Emotion” and “The Being of Knowledge“. Moreover, these beings perfectly reflecting the personality of the three trainers aforementioned.43536

Azelf chose to connect to Ash because he has always used his strong willpower to protect Pokémon.
There is a strong bond between the two. As a matter of fact, Ash is able to feel the pain of Azelf. The latter, instead, can contact Ash in his dreams and can even “summon” him, teleporting him everytime it needed him.001

Ash encountered Azelf for the first time in the episode “Pruning a Passel of Pals!“. Unable to sleep, he decided to take a walk at7455486 Lake Valor and once being there, as previously happened to Dawn, he saw the spirit of Azelf which came out of the water and then dove back.
It wouldn’t be until “The Needs of the Three! that Ash would see Azelf in its true form. Azelf contacted Ash in a dream and warned him of the destruction of the world, because of Team Galactic.

When Pokémon Hunter J awakened Azelf from its sleep throwing a bomb in7876852 Lake Valor, Ash felt a severe pain at his head because of his connection to Azelf. Later, when Azelf was kidnapped and taken to Team Galactic headquarters together with Mesprit and Uxie, Azelf convened Ash and teleported him there, where it was, at the Team Galactic headquarters.

Ash rescued Azelf from Team Galactic. Later, Ash and Azelf, through their connection, managed to help Palkia and Dialga calm and by doing so they also saved the world from destruction.76576547

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Sign the petition to say “Stop Rebooting Ash in the Pokemon Anime!” You only need few second and you can also prefer to remain anonymous hiding all your personal data!


About Pokénerd

Pokénerd was born in Umbria, Italy, in June 1992. She got so attached to the pokémon anime since the very beginning that she carefully watches every single episode. Her knowledge about the main character, Ash Ketchum is really vast. She discovered everything about him, and now she manages the entire online encyclopedia

Delia Ketchum – The Super Mom

ita icon_satoshipediaIn his novels “Pocket Monsters the Animation”, Takeshi Shudo dwelt very much upon Delia, often repeating, during the narration, that reading this information would help us learn more about Ash and his future events.

Ash has inherited the character from his mother Delia (Hanako in Japanese), who in fact we are used to see always smiling and carefree. Even as a mother, she has always been a strong and courageous woman, despite the enormous sufferings she had to endure in her life.

Delia is in fact very young and the relationship between Ash and her is much more like the one between brother and sister, rather than the one between mother and son. At the beginning of the anime, Delia still was under her 30s, even though she already had an 11-year old child. So, the day when Ash left for his trip, while wiping away her tears, she thought:

«… Tears, huh… I’m still young but, although my young age, I’m already the mother of a fully-fledged adult… As his mother, I’ve had to prove to be brave… I remember all the past ten years, ten months and ten days with Ash… All the adversities… All the painful moments in which it seemed impossible to  go on… The period of motherhood was really tough… But it was worth it.»

Since Ash’s father left home, she did not shed a single tear for a farewell any longer, although she generally was a person who tended to cry like a baby or have exaggerated reactions, even for a simple splinter stuck in a finger.

It all started when Delia was only 18 years old and her mother was still alive. A young aspiring Pokémon trainer was staying in her inn, the “Pallet House. Delia immediately fell in love with him and their relationship quickly became stronger, so much that they got married in a heartbeat. But right after Ash’s birth, the young man left the town and never came back. To make matters worse, Delia’s mother soon got ill and passed away, leaving her daughter alone with the Pallet House and the new-born Ash.

At that point, Delia had no choice but to be strong. Even if her husband had come back home, after leaving her alone for over ten years, she would have completely ignored him. If someone asked her: «Do you still love him?» her answer would be a clear «No!».

Despite this, Delia rejected all the proposals she received from other men, because she actually never wanted to divorce from Ash’s father. There were even a few rumors of her relationships with other men, but none of them was true.2d73lu.jpg

Until the day Ash left home to travel and become a Pokémon Trainer, Delia managed to go on on her own. «It’s natural…» she thought to herself. Ash is her beloved son and she would take care of him until the day of his departure. It was her responsibility.

The relationship between Ash and Delia

As already said, there is a very unique relationship between Delia and Ash, very similar to the one existing between a couple of friends or brothers. Sometimes Ash wondered if some of Delia’s behaviors were the same of a typical mother and wanted her to be more like a normal adult woman. He often accused her of “pulling the mom card” only when it was convenient.0789079808

As a matter of fact, on the day of Ash’s departure Delia began to fantasize a bit. She was sad but at the same time she felt like a student who is about to start his summer holidays without any homework to do: starting from the following day she would have returned to be a free woman. Given that she still was so young, she could devote herself to many things. But until the next morning she still had to be the mother of Ash.

Shudo explains that being a mother is already a very hard job. However, despite her situation, Delia has never perceived her motherhood as something  tough. After all it was better than remaining completely alone, after her 77969husband had left home.

Of course it has never been so easy for her… Despite that, every once in a while Delia felt the need to say «Thanks baby» to Ash.

Just to give an example, Ash became rebellious for the first time around the age of three. He combined a prank after another and, in order to keep him quiet, Delia often pretended to cry:

«Having such a rebellious son makes me the most unfortunate beauty in the world… Sniff, sniff. Waaah, waaaah»

However, as usual at her age, girls should go out and have fun rather than working as single mothers. That’s why Delia felt so unfortunate. At the beginning, she started to pretend to cry, but her tears soon became real when she started to stop and think of her life situation.

Ash was caught off guard when seeing his mother crying, so he immediately stopped making trouble. Then he approached her with a very sweet expression and asked: «Mom, what’s wrong? Are you ok? ». This gesture consoled Delia and made her feel the need to express her gratitude to his son.

Delia and the fathers of the bullies

When the bullies picked on Ash at the kindergarten and then to school, he’d get the teachers or the bullies fathers to tell them off. Or else, if the fathers of the bullies didn’t rebuke them, he would made sure the teacher did.

These bullies were children who at home didn’t breath an atmosphere of serenity. They were often children of single fathers or of husbands who were kicked out of the house after a marital dispute. If these men were looking for something to eat they had two options: a bento from the only convenience store of the village or going to the Pallet House (being the only restaurant in Pallet Town).

Delia, just like Ash, has the ability to always find the right words to help someone in need, so when these family men decided to eat at the Pallet House, she scolded them: «Children need a mother and a father! Especially a father! You can’t underestimate the importance of a father! A father can’t just be working all the time! He has to spend time at home!» Delia knew well what she was saying, she had the experience of b709790oth her father (Ash’s grandfather) and her husband: both left the family to become Pokémon trainers and never returned.

Thus, the bullies fathers would remain silent and let her talk. In exchange, if you can call it like that, Delia would listen to their problems with their wives.

The mothers in the country, therefore, never complained the fact that their husbands came home late at night saying they were at the Pallet House. On the contrary, they would consider it a relief, because talking with Delia would inspire the fathers o79800f Pallet Town to do their best for the home and their children. This helped to improve the mood of mothers in the town. So, with both parents in a good mood, children would breath a climate of serenity and bullying against Ash ceased. Being no longer picked on, Ash was delighted to be able to focus only on its pranks. He loved to play around and cause mischief. Delia rebuked him when he was causing too many problems, but she never forced him to focus on his studies.

Delia’s wish

Delia has always wanted to convey optimism and serenity to Ash, therefore, also thanks to his strong character, he was never deeply shocked by the absence of his father, however as a child, he used to ask about him to his mom. He wanted to know what kind of person he was and what he was doing. He addressed to her the same questions also about his grandfather. Delia initially replied that they were two very special pokémon trainers. However, when Ash was five years old, she decided to reveal him the truth: though they left to become pokémon trainers, no one has heard anything about them. There is no evidence that they really became trainers.

Whether his father and grandfather were or were not good trainers made no difference in his desire to become a Pokémon trainer. However, if Ash had found out on the internet or when he grew up, it may have come as a shock.5685896

Paradoxically, having the weight of his father and grandfather failures on him was a kind of weird encouragement for Ash: «I’m not going to end up like dad or grandpa!» Said Ash to his mother, the night before leaving for his trip. But Delia thought, within herself: «If he was anything like his father, he may never be back »

It was natural that Ash would have ended up dreaming of becoming a Pokémon trainer. Delia herself sometimes muttered: «Your dad and grandpa are out there somewhere trying to become Pokémon Trainers… Must be nice out there…»

She would say that only occasionaly but, in over ten years, this sentence ended to reach Ash’s ears many times, triggering in him the desire to become a Pokémon trainer.

Delia herself lo48675ved Pokémon and also wanted to become a trainer.

If she didn’t had to take over the Pallet House, being the only child of her family, Delia would have ignored any opposition of her mother and once she became ten she would have left home to become a Pokémon trainer, just like Ash.

The Voltorb shaped alarm clock

The alarm clock shaped like a Voltorb was donated to Ash by Delia for his tenth birthday.69876790

Pokémon themed goods are always a best seller, so you can’t get them in a small village like Pallet Town. Consequently to get that clock, Delia had to leave her busy schedule for three days and go to a department store in the metropolis of Cerulean City, where she waited five hours in line to buy it.

For Delia, that Voltorb clock held more significance than just a birthday present for his son: it was an expression of motherly love for Ash to take on his journey. His birthday was only a suitable opportunity to give it to him.

See also: Focus – Ash’s Childhood

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About Pokénerd

Pokénerd was born in Umbria, Italy, in June 1992. She got so attached to the pokémon anime since the very beginning that she carefully watches every single episode. Her knowledge about the main character, Ash Ketchum is really vast. She discovered everything about him, and now she manages the entire online encyclopedia


ita icon_satoshipediaThe Ash Form

Ash GreninjaThe “Ash Form” is a form that only Ash’s Greninja can take. It is a synchronization between Ash and Greninja called “Bond Phenomenom” and appears to have ancient origins.

The Bond Phenomenon occurs very rarely, when the mutual trust between Pokémon and his trainer reaches very high levels, and the two manage to dominate it.

The Pokémon can use the “Bond Phenomenom” possess a special ability, thanks to which they manage to understand which trainer is able to bring out this hidden power. That’s why Greninja chose only and exclusively Ash as it’s trainer, rejecting anyone else.

The phenomenon occurs when the brain impulses of Ash and Greninja synchronize up to join. At that point the two are related to each other as if they were in one body.


During the syncronization, Greninja transforms and it becomes similar in appearance to Ash. Their movements are identical and, as revealed by one of Clemont’s689698 gadgets, they share the same heartbeat. Ash can also see through Greninja’s eyes, in fact he describes what he feels during the syncronization as if he “becomes” Greninja.

However, this phenomenon has side effects for Ash, which in fact states that he feels very tired after every syncronization, and every time that 68690Greninja is hit, Ash can feel the pain in the same spots in which his pokémon is hurt. hiohi2

The energy released by the syncronization can also be too violent for Ash, to the point that his body becomes paralized and he faints because of the pain and fatigue.


To be able to withstand the power of synchronization, Ash conviced himself that he has to become as similar as possible to Greninja. Due to this he undergoes himself to its same workouts, although with difficulty since, obviously, an human cannot compete phisically with a Pokémon.

After the first training, Ash accepted a battle against Champion Diantha. In this occasion, new traits of the synchronization came out. This time Ash 76472resitsted longer, reaching a “new level”. The brain waves analysis performed by Lem recorded some changes: their intensity became higher and higher. At the same time Ash seemed increasingly “involved” in the fight and started to repeat phrases like “much, much stronger!!! ” or “much, much faster!” very frequently until Greninja jumped out from the water veil that had always surrounded him. Since then, the veil became a big water-shuriken.

The power reached by Ash and Greninja was so high that floored Diantha’s Gardevoir. At that point, though, Ash seemed almost “crazy” and AshGreninjawhile Lem’s indicator was still recording abnormal brain waves, he ordered Greninja to go on with what turned out to be a ruthless knockout blow for Gardevoir. If Ash hadn’t suddenly collapsed again, he would have defeated champion Diantha’s Pokémon in all probability.


During the battle against Sawyer (episode XYZ 26) for the first time the synchronization failed. Ash was flooredb by that and initially no one was able to understand why that happened. The only thing that Clemont was able to state is that, during the battle, Ash’s and Greninja’s pulses were completely desynchronized. Following the events of the episode XYZ 28 it is knew that the synchronization is probably not happen because Ash was unconsciously worried due to Sawyer, who has won his last medal before him and has become unexpectedly strong in a short time.

During the first fight against Wulfric (episode XYZ 27) Ash managed to synchronize with Greninja. However, he could feel all the hits received by Greninja and this annoyed him.  F

earing another defeat because of a collapse, Ash lost his concentration and ended up suffering from many attack. When Greninja was thrown violently against a wall, Ash was no longer able to bear the pain and collapsed again, causing the defeat of his Pokémon (since they were synchronized).

Ash feared he had disappointed Greninja, and that night he apologized to him for not being able to bear the hit. If Ash had endured more, Greninja could have unleashed its full power. Therefore, Ash must learn to resist more... But how?

As usual when he feels sad and discouraged, Ash asks his friends to be left alone. So he walked the Winding Woods in search of an answer.

(episode XY120) After being scolded by Serena, Ash recovered his optimism, remembering that whatever the difficulties are, he must never give up. This helped him when, a few hours later, he and Greninja saved a Pokémon in danger during a snowstorm. The will to save that Pokémon was so strong that allowed Ash and Greninja to achieve perfect synchronization.

At that point, Ash apologized again to Greninja: he gave priority to gaining the badge and keeping up with Sawyer, to whom he had promised to immediately win it. During the battle, Ash’s only thought was: “I’m a trainer so I have to do my best and hang on”, but in the forest he understood that this does not necessarily mean succeeding in it alone. He has a precious friend at his side, ready to give him his strength.

Greninja’s story

Before knowing Ash, Greninja was one of the frokies available at Professor Sycamore’s laboratory for the new trainers. However, compared to the other Pokémon of the same species, Ash’s Froakie was very different. As explained by Gym Leader Olympia, it is a Pokémon with a peculiar destiny. In fact it never played with the other ones in its herd6808, and it spent all its time training so it could become stronger and stronger. However, this was the cause of a fight with the others, and it ended up hurt and being medicated by Nurse Joy. Thanks to her kindness, she managed to teach it that it couldn’t become stronger all on its own: it needed a trainer.


Froakie, however, didn’t just want any trainer. It was determined to understand which trainer was worth dedicating its life. It expected great things from its trainer, but every time someone chose it, Froakie ended up disappointed and decided to go back to Professor Sycamore’s laboratory. This went on until it meet Ash.709Froakie was very impressed by Ash’s determination, by his courage and by his love for the Pokémon. And so it chose him as its trainer. It is thanks to this special connection between Ash and Greninja that the syncronization can occur.


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About Pokénerd

Pokénerd was born in Umbria, Italy, in June 1992. She got so attached to the pokémon anime since the very beginning that she carefully watches every single episode. Her knowledge about the main character, Ash Ketchum is really vast. She discovered everything about him, and now she manages the entire online encyclopedia

Focus: Ash’s House and the history of Pallet Town

ita icon_satoshipediaAsh Ketchum is native of Pallet Town, a little rural village located in the south-west of the Kanto region. It’s inspired by Shimoda Town, an existing city in Japan.

Masara Town

It’s called Pallet Town because of the typical white houses all over the village; however, in the Japanese version, it’s called Masara Village (though in the anime it’s named Masara Town).

Masara Village was named after a legendary hero, called Masara Ookido. He lived in the village about a century before the anime starts. He was showered with honors for being the only trainer in town ranking at the 921st position on the list of the best 10 thousands Pokémon trainers. Because of this, a monument in the central plaza was erected in his honor, and the village’s name was changed from Masshiro Village to Masara Village.

Masara Ookido was Professor Oak’s grandfather (Yukinari Ookido). Talking about Oak’s family, the professor has two older brothers: the middle one is Pallet’s postal office’s chief, while the older brother was the mayor at the time of the first series, and in fact he was the one who hired Gary’s cheerleaders.
At the time of the Advanced series the mayor was Gilbert’s father (a character appeared in Pokémon Chronicles).

Ash’s house

Ash lives in one of Pallet’s typical white houses, and it’s very spacious and cozy. It’s on two floors, and on the exterior it’s surrounded by a garden, which in some places was turned into a kitchen garden by Delia, given her passion for gardening.


Takeshi Shudo in his novels “Pocket Monsters the Animation” hinted that Ash’s house is also the “Pallet House” inn, in which Delia works.

Pallet House is the only restaurant in Pallet Town, and on the second floor it’s also a guest-house. It was run by Delia’s parents33xh1qo.jpg, however she was forced to inherit it when her mother (Ash’s grandmother) died of illness, a little after Ash’s birth.

Delia runs the inn admirably, so much so that her cooking skills were mentioned in the book “Unexplored Regions: The best food in the little villages”.

The restaurant is located on the ground level, supposedly behind the house (communicating, obviously, with the kitchen), in which can be seen the little inn, visible only with a careful observation of some shots.

Regarding the remaining interiors, we know every single corner of the first floor, while on the second floor were shown just two rooms: Ash’s and Delia’s bedrooms. On the other side are located the guest-house’s rooms.

Ash’s room shown in some official sketches:

Fun fact: In Pallet Town also lives Mrs Masae, a “nice” lady who loves to gossip through her personal radio show!



> Episodes of the Pokémon’s anime

“Pocket Monsters: the Animation” books (the books are not yet translated in their fullness, so some informations could be subjected to some adjustments or updates until the work is completed)



About Pokénerd

Pokénerd was born in Umbria, Italy, in June 1992. She got so attached to the pokémon anime since the very beginning that she carefully watches every single episode. Her knowledge about the main character, Ash Ketchum is really vast. She discovered everything about him, and now she manages the entire online encyclopedia

Ash Ketchum

We’re sorry for all our eventual grammatical and lexical mistakes. We’re Italian and we’re trying to do our best 🙂

The most reliable and detailed guide about Ash Ketchumita icon_satoshipedia

Original name: サトシ (Satoshi)
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 22
age in each series
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Black, then Brown
Hometown: Pallet Town
Region: Kanto
Profession: Trainer
Relatives: Mother (Delia Ketchum), Father (unknown), Maternal Grandmother (defunct), Maternal Grandfather (missing)
Debut: “Pokémon I Choose You!”
Japanese voice actor: Rica Matsumoto
English voice actors: Veronica Taylor (until episode AG145), Sarah Natochenny (since episode AG146 and on), Kayzie Rogers (The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon)
Other voice actors



Ash Ketchum is the main character of the Pokémon Anime. He is based on Red, the protagonist of the first generation games (Pokémon).  The original name Satoshi means “Wisdom” (a quality that Ash has gradually gained throughout the series) and comes directly from the Pokémon creator, Satoshi Tajiri, which, in many interviews, claimed to be reflected in the character. In the games Pokémon Red and Blue, and Pokémon Yellow, Ash is one of the default name which the player can choose. His surname “Ketchum” comes from the slogan “gotta catch ‘em all”, but it is also a real and existing surname. It’s possible that it has been choosen due to the number of movements of the mouth made, in the anime, to pronunce the protagonist ‘s original name, in order to make the dubbing easier since “Satoshi” has two more syllables than “Ash”.

As many others shōnen characters, he would like to achieve a very difficult goal. In this case, Ash wants to become a Pokémon Master. For this reason, he travels around the world challenging Gym Leaders and competing in Pokémon Leagues, similarly to the protagonist of the videogames.

Though being a character with the typical shōnen hero peculiar features, Ash has some specific qualities which highlight an even more articulated personality. In particular it stands out his exceptional ability to comfort and encourage those who need a helping hand, making use of his empathy. This makes him a landmark for most of his fans, so that in the book “The Japanification of Children’s Popular Culture” Ash is cited as an example of cultural identification. Additionally it emphasized the character’s growth and development as the anime series progressed.



Ash is particularly unselfish, empathetic and kind, but at the same time he also has other peculiar characteristics, like his courage and determination. Ash is indeed extremely stubborn and he never gives up, despite difficulties. His motto is “saigo made akirameru na” (literally: “never give up until it’s over“). As mentioned above, he shows a particular empathy, thanks to which he always manages to find the right words to cheer up those who need it. Thanks to this particular trait, friends consider him a sort of psychologist in the group, often making use of his own teachings on how to face life and its difficulties


But when he is having a problem, he prefers to keep everything inside and can become grumpy against anyone who tries to help him. Ash established  a relationship based on trust and mutual respect with his Pokémon: he wants his team to feel part of a big family. Moreover, as explained by Takeshi Shudo, Ash also has super-strong feelings thanks to which nothing can traumatize him, so that he has never been deeply shocked by the absence of his father. In fact this has strengthened his character.

Further readings:

Physical appearance:

Ash appears as a boy of short stature (165 centimeters) and thin, but at the same time very athletic and vigorous (as a matter of fact, he is known for his great agility).
He is used to wear a red hat on his thick and messy hair, while, as far as his hands are concerned, he wears some fingerless gloves. He prefers to wear jackets with short sleeves and long pants (probably for convenience and practicality while travelling).


On the 1st of April, after his 10th birthday, Ash left his hometown Pallet Town, along with three other trainers, including Gary Oak, his rival since childhood.
But that morning he overslept and met Gary, professor Oak’s grandson, from whom he already received his first Pokémon. Once he reached the professor laboratory, Ash found out that all the starters (Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle) had already been taken, so he decided to take an exemplary of Pikachu, the only remaining creature, together with the Pokédex provided by the professor (called Dexter). However, Pikachu hates Poké Balls, which is the reason why it still follows Ash as if it was a “free” Pokémon. Initially, it caused some problems to its trainer by not respecting him, but when Ash risked his life to protect the little Pokémon injured by some Spearow, the two became inseparable friends. At the end of this adventure, Ash and his Pikachu saw a peculiar Pokémon. During a video-call with professor Oak, Ash realized that it was the legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh, but nobody believed him. He was, in fact, the first to have seen Ho-Oh in the last three centuries.AshvsSperaow_1°ep

Since Pikachu is able to generate powerful electrical attacks, it is often the target of Jessie, James and Meowth (members of Team Rocket) plans, that often consist on trying to steal the Pokémon and bringing him to their boss Giovanni. At the beginning, Ash was accompanied by Misty, who followed him to get her bike back, taken by Ash to save Pikachu and destroyed by the Thundershock it used to help Ash. Having to win eight badges in different Gyms to partecipate in the Pokémon League, he fought Brock, the Gym Leader of Pewter City, who joined the team after being defeated. In the second season of the anime (according to the western numeration), Ash finally participated in the Kanto League, situated in the Indigo Plateau, where he was defeated by his friend Richie and finishing in the top sixteen positions. -.jklkj.j,.

Subsequently, Ash traveled through the Orange Islands alongside Misty and Tracey Sketchit to win the Orange League. In the episode “Enter The Dragonite” he defeated Drake and obtained the trophy. Ash’s next journey took place in the Johto region, where, once again, he was followed by Misty and Brock. In the Johto League, Ash finally defeats his rival Gary, but is then beaten by Harrison finishing in the first eight positions.

In the Advanced Generation series, Ash had to separate from Misty and Brock, which made him feel very sad. However, Brock came back and joined again Ash and his new friends: May and Max. This time, a more mature and experienced Ash acted as if he was a mentor for the young new trainer, May. In this region Ash had to defeat again 8 Gym Leaders in order to enter the Hoenn League, where he also fought his friend and rival Morrison. Ash finished alongside the eight best trainers.Lunch_Pkmn_AdvNext, he separated from his friends again and came back home. However, he found them right there, in Pallet town, a place in which they decided to set off again for another journey altogether. This time, Ash’s main objective was the Battle Frontier. Ash defeated all the Frontier Brains, gaining the Champion title in the episode “Pace – The Final Frontier!“, during which he managed to win against Baldo. At the end of his second journey through the Kanto region, Ash saw for the first time Gary’s Electivire, experience that lead him to decide to visit the Sinnoh region, where he met again his friend Brock. hfthtrhdx

In Twinleaf Town, the two met Dawn and with her they started a new journey during which Ash not only faced matches in Gyms, but also, with her new friend, joined two Pokémon Contests. During this series Ash, has become an experienced trainer, specialized in creating new and spectacular fighting strategies, so much that Dawn developed a great admiration for him. However, more than once Ash has been under pressure because of his new rival, Paul, who is used to train his pokémon with completely different methods from the ones used by Ash. Paul, in order to make his pokémon stronger, doesn’t even worry about them. His methods, for this very reason, are stricts and heedless. After many difficulties, Ash finally managed to defeat Paul in the most spectacular match of his life, arriving at the semifinals of the Sinnoh league but being defeated by Tobias and his legendary Pokémon. 6789

However, Ash was the only trainer who managed to defeat not only Tobias’s Darkrai, but even his Latios, this way becoming the moral winner of the Sinnoh league. Once the competion ended, Ash separated from Dawn and Brock. In the end the latter wouldn’t come back to travel with Ash because he decided to study very hard to become a doctor.

From here on, the timeline the Pokémon anime becomes irregular, due to merchandising strategies implemented by the staff. All explanations are provided under the following articles:

The XY series, in fact, sees a return of Ash as we had left him in the Sinnoh region: mature and extraordinarily skilled in Pokémon battles. In a short period of time, Ash has improved a lot his trainer skills and during the XYZ series he  also discovers a power that binds him to his Greninja. Thanks to it, Ash reaches a level never seen before and is ranked finalist in the League of Kalos. His travel friends were Clemont, Bonnie and Serena. The latter is in love with Ash after he, as a child, helped her in a forest where she had lost. Upon arrival in Kalos, Serena recognizes Ash seeing him on television and decided to travel with him.

Further readings:


Ash as a child

The reason for which Ash’s parents are separated is that his father, a person whom information are ignored, abandoned the family a little while later Ash’s birth, leaving a young 19-year old Delia alone. We only know that he is a pokémon trainer (who doesn’t appear in the membership list of the World Pokémon trainers Association) currently travelling in a far land. As for Ash’s maternal grandparents, Delia’s mother died because of a disease, while her father had a behavior very similar to that of her husband: he also left home to become a trainer.

Further Readings:

Ash’s Pokémon

Note: moves marked in dark blue are the ones currently  known or used recently by the Pokémon.

Pokémon series (click on spoiler to view):


Pikachu ♂ – Type: Electric
Pikachu di Ash
Pikachu is the initial Pokémon of Ash, obtained from Professor Oak in the episode “Pokémon – I Choose You!“.
Moves: Thundershock, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Agility, Double-Edge, Quick Attack, Tail Whip (used sporadically without command, as in the Vermilion Gym), Tackle, Leer (used only in the episode “Hour of the Houndour“), Iron Tail (teached by Ash in the episode “All Things Bright and Beautifly!“), Locomovolt (learned in the episode May’s Egg-Cellent Adventure), Electro Ball (learned in the episode “Dancing With the Ducklett Trio!(Black&White series).
Bulbasaur ♂ – Type: Grass/Poison
Bulbasaur di Ash
Given to Ash in the episode “Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village“.
Moves: Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, Sleep Powder, Take Down, Leech Seed, Solar Beam (learned in the episode “Bulbasaur’s Mysterious Garden“), Whirlwind, Tickle, Dig.


Charizard ♂ – Type: Fire/Flying
Charizard di Ash
Evolution of his Charmeleon, which evolved from Charmander. This Pokémon was caught by Ash in the episode “Charmander the Stray Pokémon“. Charizard is training in the Charicific Valley. However, in case of necessity, Ash can ask Liza to use it temporarily.
Moves: Flamethrower, Leer, Ember, Fire Spin, Skull Bash (used only in the episode “Pokémon Scent-sation!“), Seismic Toss (learned after evolving), Tackle, Mega Punch, Submission, Take Down, Rage, Dragon Rage, Dragon Breath, Whirlwind, Overheat (learned in the Charicific Valley), Steel Wing (learned in the Charicific Valley before the episode “Gathering the Gang of Four!), Wing Attack, Slash, Dragon Tail.


Kingler – Type: Water
Kingler di Ash
Evolution of Ash’s Krabby, one of his first Pokémon and caught by Ash in the episode “Mystery at the Lighthouse“.
Moves: Crabhammer, Harden, Leer, Bubble, Water Gun, Hyper Beam, Vice Grip, Stomp.


Muk – Type: Poison
Muk di Ash
Caught in the episode “Sparks Fly for Magnemite“.
Moves: Body Slam, Poison Gas, Sludge Bomb.


Tauros ♂ – Type: Normal
Tauros di Ash
Caught at the Safari Zone in the banned episode “The Legend of Dratini“, together with 29 other Tauros. Indeed, Ash has 30 Tauros.
Moves: Fissure, Take Down, Horn Attack, Double Team (used for the first time in the episode “Second Time’s the Charm!)


Snorlax – Type: Normal
Snorlax di Ash
Caught at the Orange Islands, during the episode “Snack Attack“.
Moves: Tackle, Body Slam, Hyper Beam, Ice Punch, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Protect, Rest, Headbutt.


Heracross – Type: Bug/ Fighting
Heracross di Ash
Caught in the episode “A Sappy Ending“.
Moves: Tackle, Take Down, Leer, Fury Attack, Megahorn, Horn Attack, Endure, Sleep Talk (shown in the episode “League Unleashed!), Focus Punch (shown in the episode “League Unleashed!), Hyper Beam (shown in the episode “The Semi-Final Frontier!).


Bayleef ♀ – Type: Grass
Bayleef di Ash
Evolution of his Chikorita, a Pokémon healed by Ash, after the struggle with his Charizard in the episode “The Chikorita rescue“.
Moves: Tackle, Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, Sweet Scent (which has been used only in the episode “Gettin’ The Bugs Out”), Body Slam (learned right after evolving into Bayleef), Headbutt (used only in the episode “Playing with Fire!).


Quilava – Type: Fire
Quilava di Ash
Evolution of his Cyndaquil, caught in the episode “Good ‘Quil Hunting“.
Moves: Tackle, Flamethrower, Quick Attack, Agility, Smokescreen, Swift, Flame Wheel (shown in the episode “An old Family Blend!), Eruption (learned right after evolving into Quilava in the episode “An old Family Blend!), Aerial Ace (shown in the episode “League Unleashed!).


Totodile ♂ – Type: Water
Totodile di Ash
Caught in the episode “The Totodile Duel“.
Moves: Scratch, Water Gun, Bite, Slash (used only in the episode “Just Add Water“), Headbutt, Skull Bash, Scary Face, Leer (used only in the episode “Playing with Fire!), Tail Whip (used only during the second phase of the Silver Conference after the command ” Finish it!”).


Noctowl – Type: Normal/Flying
Noctowl di Ash
The only shiny Pokémon caught by Ash, during the episode “Fowl Play!“.
Moves: Tackle, Whirlwind, Peck, Foresight, Hypnosis, Confusion (learned in the episode “From Ghost to Ghost“), Air Slash (shown in the episode “Working on a Right Move!), Sky Attack (shown in the episode “Working on a Right Move!), Extrasensory (shown in the episode “Working on a Right Move!).


Donphan – Type: Ground
Donphan di Ash
Evolution of his Phanpy, born from an egg received in the episode “Extreme Pokémon!” and hatched in the episode “Hatching a Plan!“.
Moves: Tackle, Take Down, Rollout, Earthquake, Defense Curl, Hidden Power (used for the first time in the episode “Hooked on Onix), Hyper Beam (learned right after evolving into Donphan in the episode “Reversing the Charges).


Pokémon Advanced series (click on spoiler to view):


Swellow – Type: Normal/Flying
Swellow di Ash
Evolution of his Taillow, caught in the episode “You Never Can Taillow“.
Moves: Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Double Team (learned right after evolving into Swellow in the episode “Solid as a Solrock), Aerial Ace (taught by Ash in the episode “Lessons in Lilycove!).


Sceptile ♂ – Type: Grass
Sceptile di Ash
Evolution of his Grovyle, which evolved from Treecko, caught in the episode “Tree’s a Crowd“.
Moves: Quick Attack, Pound, Slam, Agility, Bullet Seed (taught by ash during the episode What You Seed is What You Get), Leaf Blade (learned right after evolving into Grovyle in the episode “Exploud and Clear!), Solar Beam (learned during the match with Spenser), Verdebufera (shown in the episode The Semi-Final Frontier!).


Corphish – Type: Water
Corphish di Ash
Caught in the episode “Gone Corphishin’“.
Moves: Crabhammer, Bubble Beam, Bubble, Harden, Vice Grip, Dig.


Torkoal – Type: Fire
Torkoal di Ash
Caught in the Valley of Steel, during the episode “All Torkoal, No Play“.
Moves: Flamethrower, Overheat, Iron Defense, Body Slam, Heat Wave (learned before the episode “Overjoyed!).


Glalie – Type: Ice
Glalie di Ash
Evolution of his Snorunt, caught in the episode “Let it snow, let it snow, let it Snorunt!
Moves: Ice Beam, Ice Windy, Powder Snow, Double Team, Headbutt.


Pokémon Diamond&Pearl series (click on spoiler to view):


Staraptor ♂ – Type: Normal/Flying
Staraptor di Ash
Evolution of his Staravia, which evolved from Starly, caught in the episode “Two Degrees of Separation!“.

Moves: Wing Attack, Quick Attack, Gust, Aerial Ace (learned right after evolving into Staravia in the episode “A Staravia is Born!), Brave Bird (taught by Ash in the episode “Crossing the Battle Line!), Close Combat (learned right after evolving into Staraptor in the episode “Pursuing a Lofty Goal!).


Torterra – Type: Grass/Ground
Torterra di Ash
Evolution of his Grotle, which evolved from Turtwig, caught in the episode “Gettin’ Twiggy With It!“.
Moves: Tackle, Razor Leaf, Synthesis, Bite, Energy Ball (taught by Ash in the episode “Tanks for the Memories!), Rock Climb (learned in the episode “The lonely Snover), Leaf Storm (learned right after evolving into Torterra in the episode “The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore!).


Infernape – Type: Fire/Fighting
Infernape di Ash
Evolution of his Monferno, which evolved from Chimchar. This Pokémon, has been abandoned by its previous trainer, Paul. So, Ash decided to ask it to join his team in the episode “Smells Like Team Spirit!“.
Moves: Flame Wheel, Ember, Dig, Fire Spin, Scratch, Flamethrower, Mach Punch (learned right after evolving into Monferno in the episode “Evolving Strategies!), Flare Blitz (learned in the episode “Working on a Right Move!).


Buizel ♂ – Type: Water
Buizel di Ash
Previously owned by Dawn. Ash recevied it from her with a trade thanks to which Dawn obtained Ash’s Aipom, in the episode “Throwing the Track Switch
Moves: Water Gun, Aqua Jet, Sonic Boom, Water Pulse (used for the first time in the Veilstone Gym), Ice Punch (taught by Ash in the episode “Short and To the Punch!).


Gliscor – Type: Ground/Flying
Gliscor di Ash
Evolution of his Gligar, caught in the episode “Riding the Winds of Change!“.
Moves: Sand-Attack, X-Scissor, Steel Wing, Screech, Fire Fang (learned in the episode “A Breed Stampede!), Giga Impact (learned in the episode “Mastering Current Events!), Stone Edge (shown in the episode “A Real Rival Rouser!).


Gible ♂ – Type: Dragon/Ground
Gible di Ash
Caught in the episode “Gotta Get a Gible!“.
Moves: Dig, Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Rock Smash.


Pokémon XY/Z series (click on spoiler to view):


Greninja ♂ – Type: Water/Dark
Greninja di Ash
Evolution of his Frogadier, which evolved from Froakie, caught by Ash during the episode “Lumiose City Pursuit!“.
Moves: Water Pulse, Bubble, Pound, Double Team (learned in the episode “A Rush of Ninja Wisdom!), Cut (learned during the episode “Forging Forest Friendships!), Aerial Ace (learned after evolving into Frogadier), Water Shuriken (learned right after evolving into Greninja).
Check also: Ash Greninja


Talonflame – Type: Fire/Flying
Talonflame di Ash
Evolution of his Fletchinder, which evolved from Fletchling, caught by Ash during the episode “A Battle of Aerial Mobility!

Moves: Double Team, Peck, Razord Wind, Steel Wing, Nitro Charge (learned after evolving into Fletchinder), Brave Bird (learned after evolving into Talonflame).


Hawlucha – Type: Fighting/Flying
Hawlucha di Ash
Caught by Ash during the episode “The Forest Champion!“.
Moves: Karate Chop, High Jump Kick, Flying Press, X-Scissor (used for the first in the Laverre Gym).


Noivern ♂ – Type: Flying/Dragon
Evolution of his Noibat, hatched from an egg found by Ash’s Hawlucha during the episode “A Not-So-Flying Start!“.
Moves: Supersonic, Tackle (learned during the episode “Terminus Cave! The Mystery of Z is Set in Motion!!”), Acrobatics (learned during the episode “Onbat and Flaette! An Encounter in the Wind!!“), Boomburst (learned during the episode “Thunder and Onvern! The Lightning of Anger!!“), Dragon Claw
(learned during the episode “Rival Showdown! Satoshi VS Shōta!!”).


In training (click on spoiler to view):


Primeape – Type: Fighting
Primeape di Ash
Caught by Ash, after that his pre-evolution (Mankey) had stolen the boy’s hat, in the episode “Primeape Goes Bananas. Next, he donates it to a fighting type Pokémon trainer, Antony, in the episode “The Punchy Pokémon“.
Moves: Trash, Scratch, Mega Kick, Seismic Toss.


Squirtle – Type: Water
Squirtle di Ash
Joined Ash in the episode “Here Comes the Squirtle Squad“. It works in a firefighters team formed by different Squirtle and their evolutions.
Moves: Water Gun, Bubble Beam, Withdraw, Skull Bash, Hydro Pump (learned in the episode “Misty Meets Her Match), Rapid Spin (learned along with the Squirtle squad), Bubble.


Released (click on spoiler to view):


Butterfree ♂ – Type: Bug/Flying
Butterfree di Ash
Evolution of his Metapod, which evolved from Caterpie, caught in the episode “Ash Catches a Pokémonl. Released in the episode “Bye Bye Butterfree because it fell in love with another Butterfree.
Moves: String Shot, Tackle, Harden, Sleep Powder, Whirlwind, Stun Spore, Double-Edge.


Pidgeot – Type: Normal/Flying
Pidgeot di Ash
Evolution of his Pidgeotto, caught in the episode “Ash catches a Pokémon“. Released in the episode “Pallet Party Panic” to protect a group of Pidgey and Pidgeotto from the attacks of a Fearow, the evolution of the same Spearow which attacked Ash and Pikachu at the beginning of the first series.
Moves: Gust, Quick Attack, Sand Attack, Whirlwind, Wind Attack, Double-Edge.


Lapras – Type: Water/Ice
Lapras di Ash
Saved by Ash when it was young in “The Lost Lapras, used as a ferry in the Orange Islands, released once it found its family at the end of the journey, in the episode “Viva Las Lapras“.
Moves: Ice Beam, Water Gun.
Goodra – Type: Dragon

Goodra di AshEvolution of his Sliggoo, which evolved from Goomy, caught in the episode “A Slippery Encounter!“. Ash helped it to become stronger, so that it could protect its friends. It returned to live with them in the episode “Beyond the Rainbow!“.Moves: Rain Dance, Bide, Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Ice Beam.


Traded away (click on spoiler to view):


Raticate – Type: Normal
Raticate di Ash
Ash received it from a trade on the St. Anne, in the episode “Battle Aboard the St. Anne“, for his Butterfree. However he later traded it away in order to get his Butterfree back.
Moves: Jump Kick, Super Fang, Hyper Fang.


Aipom ♀ – Type: Normal
Aipom di Ash
Caught at the end of the Kanto Gran Festival, in the episode “Channeling the Battle Zone!, subsequently traded with Lucinda in the episode “Throwing the Track Switchbecause it preferred Pokémon Contests to Gym battles.
Moves: (when traded): Scratch, Swift, Focus Punch, Double Team.


Given away (click on spoiler to view):


Beedrill – Type: Bug/Poison
Beedrill di Ash
Caught by Ash and given to Casey in the episode “The Bug Stops Here“.
Moves: Twineedle.


Unofficial (click on spoiler to view):


Haunter – Type: Ghost/Poison
Haunter di Ash
Caught by Ash in Lavender Town during the episode “The Tower of Terror and given to the Gym Leader Sabrina in “Haunter versus Kadabra“.
Moves: Lick.


Larvitar – Type: Rock/Ground
Larvitar di Ash
Born from an egg given to Ash by Professor Elm in the episode “Lapras of Luxury“. Ash finds its mother and gives her the Pokémon in the episode “Mother of Alls Battles“.
Moves: Screech, Hidden Power, Harden, Bite, Strength.


Obtained Badges:

Kanto League
Medaglie Ash_Indigo
  • Boulder Badge (Episode “Showdown in Pewter City)
  • Cascade Badge (Episode “The Water Flowers of Cerulean Cityl)
  • Thunder Badge (Episode “Electric Shock Showdown“)
  • Marsh Badge (Episode “Haunter versus Kadabra“)
  • Rainbow Badge (Episode “Pokémon Scent-sation!“)
  • Soul Badge (Episode “The Ninja Poké-Showdown“)
  • Volcano Badge (Episode “Volcanic Panic“)
  • Earth Badge (Episode: “The Battle of the Badge“)


Orange League
Medaglie Ash_Orange
  • Coral-Eye Badge (Episode “Fit to be Tide
  • Sea Ruby Badge (Episode “Navel Maneuvers“)
  • Spike Shell Badge (Episode “Misty Meets Her Match“)
  • Jade Star Badge (Episode “Pokémon Double Trouble“)


Johto League
Medaglie Ash_Johto
  • Zephyr Badge (Episode “Fighting Flyer with Fire“)
  • Hive Badge (Episode “Gettin’ The Bugs Out“)
  • Plain Badge (Episode “Dairy Tale Ending“)
  • Fog Badge (Episode “From Ghost to Ghost“)
  • Storm Badge (Episode “Machoke, Machoke Man!“)
  • Mineral Badge (Episode “Nerves of Steelix!“)
  • Glacier Badge (Episode “Nice Pryce, Baby!“)
  • Rising Badge (Episode “Better Eight Than Never“)


Hoenn League
Ash Medaglie_Hoenn
  • Stone Badge (Episode “The Winner By a Nosepass!“)
  • Knuckle Badge (Episode “Just One of the Geysers“)
  • Dynamo Badge (Episode “Watt’s with Wattson?“)
  • Heat Badge (Episode “Going, Going, Yawn!“)
  • Balance Badge (Episode “Balance of Power“)
  • Feather Badge (Episode “Sky High Gym Battle!“)
  • Mind Badge (Episode “Solid as a Solrock“)
  • Rain Badge (Episode “Eight Ain’t Enough!“)


Battle Frontier
Attestato Parco Lotta
  • Knowledge Symbol (Episode “The Symbol Life“)
  • Guts Symbol (Episode “Wheel… of Frontiera!“)
  • Tactics Symbol (Episode “Tactics Theatrics!!“)
  • Luck Symbol (Episode “Queen of the Serpentine!“)
  • Spirit Symbol (Episode “Ka Boom with a View!“)
  • Ability Symbol (Episode “Second Time’s the Charm!“)
  • Brave Symbol (Episode: “Pace – The Final Frontier!“)


Sinnoh League
  • Coal Badge (Episode “O’er the Rampardos we Watched!“)
  • Forest Badge (Episode “The Grass Menagerie!“)
  • Cobble Badge (Episode “A Triple Fighting Chance!“)
  • Fen Badge (Episode “A Crasher Course in Power!“)
  • Relic Badge (Episode “Shield with a Twist!
  • Mine Badge (Episode “Dealing With Defensive Types!
  • Icicle Badge (Episode “Sliding Into Seventh!“)
  • Beacon Badge (Episode “The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World!“)


Kalos League
  • Bug Badge (Episode “Battling on Thin Ice!“)
  • Cliff Badge (Episode “Climbing the Walls!!“)
  • Rumble Badge (Episode “Showdown at the Shalour Gym!“)
  • Plant Badge (Episode “The Green, Green Grass Types of Home!“)
  • Voltage Badge (Episode “The Moment of Lumiose Truth!“)
  • Fairy Badge (Episode “Fairy-Type Trickery!“)
  • Psychic Badge (Episode “All Eyes on the Future!“)
  • Iceberg Badge (Episode “A Real Icebreaker!


Pokémon League ranking

  • Indigo Plateau Conference (Top 16)
  • Silver Conference (Top 8)
  • Ever Grande Conference (Top 8)
  • Lily of the Valley Conference (Top 4)
  • Lumiose Conference (Runner-Up)

Won titles
ash's titles


Ash’s Others classifications

The real Ash Ketchum

Masafumi Mima, sound director of Pokémon Anime, made it clear that the new Sun&Moon series is not a continuation of XYZ and that the protagonists are new versions of Ash and Pikachu. It is a merchandising strategy which, of course, also applies to Black&White series.

We, staff of Satoshipedia, are very keen to Ash and can’t stand the idea that he is treated like a puppet because of commercial strategies. Which is why we only deal with the TRUE Ash Ketchum and we would like to point out that both of the Black&White and the Sun&Moon versions of Ash, are only ALTERNATIVE and noncanonical versions of Ash!

Sign the petition to say “Stop Rebooting Ash in the Pokemon Anime!” You only need few second and you can also prefer to remain anonymous hiding all your personal data!

Pokémon, badges and rankings in the Black & White series (Spoiler click to view)


Unfezant ♀ – Type: Normal/Flying
Unfezant di Ash
Evolution of his Tranquill, which evolved from Pidove, caught in the episode “Enter Iris and Axew!” (Black&White series).
Moves: Quick Attack, Air Cutter, Wing Attack, Aerial Ace (learned right after evolving into Unfezant).


Oshawott ♂ – Type: Water
Oshawott di Ash
Caught in the episode “A Sandile Gusher of Change!” (Black&White series).
Moves: Water Gun, Tackle, Razor Shell, Aqua Jet (learned in the episode “Rematch at the Nacrene Gym!), Hydro Pump (learned in the episode “Expedition to Onix Island!).


Pignite ♂ – Type: Fire/Fighting
Pignite di Ash
Evolution of his Tepig, caught in the episode “The Battle Club and Tepig’s Choice!” (Black&White series).
Moves: Ember, Tackle, Flame Charge (learned in the episode “Rematch at the Nacrene Gym!), Flamethrower (learned in the episode “Battle For The Underground), Fire Pledge (learned right after evolving into Pignite), Brick Break.


Snivy ♀ – Type: Grass
Snivy di Ash
Caught in the episode “Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!” (Black&White series).
Moves: Vine Whip, Attract, Leaf Storm, Leaf Blade.


Scraggy ♂ – Type: Dark/Fighting
Scraggy di Ash
Obtained when being only an egg in the episode “Here Comes the Trubbish Squad!” and then hatched in the episode “Scraggy—Hatched to be Wild!” (Black&White series).
Moves: Leer, Headbutt, High Jump Kick (learned in the episode “Meowth’s Scrafty Tactics!), Focus Blast (learned in the episode “The Clubsplosion Begins!).


Leavanny ♂ – Type: Bug/Grass
Leavanny di Ash
Evolution of his Swadloon, which evolved from Sewaddle, caught in the episode “Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest!” (Black&White series).
Moves: String Shot, Razor Leaf, Bug Bite, Tackle, Energy Ball (learned right after evolving into Swadloon in the episode “Battling For The Love of Bug-Types!), X-Scissor.


Palpitoad ♂ – Type: Water/Ground
Palpitoad di Ash
Caught in the episode “Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!” (Black&White series).
Moves: Hydro Pump, Mud Shot, Supersonic, Sludge Wave.


Boldore – Type: Rock
Boldore di Ash
Evolution of his Roggenrola, caught in the episode “Gotta Catch A Roggenrola!” (Black&White series).
Moves: Sandstorm, Stone Edge, Flash Cannon, Rock Blast (learned after evolving into Boldore), Rock Smash (learned after evolving into Boldore).


Krookodile ♂ – Type: Ground/Dark
Krookodile di Ash
Evolution of his Sandile with sunglasses appeared in the episode “A Sandile Gusher of Change!“. Evolved into Krokorok in “Dancing With the Ducklett Trio!. The Pokémon is captured by Ash in the episode “Battling the Bully!. Later it evolves into Krookodile. (Black&White series).
Moves: Dig, Bite, Stone Edge, Crunch, Dragon Claw (learned right after evolving into Krookodile), Aerial Ace.


Unova League
  • Trio Badge (Dreams by the Yard Full!)
  • Basic Badge (Rematch at the Nacrene Gym!)
  • Insect Badge (Battling For The Love of Bug-Types!)
  • Bolt Badge (Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym!)
  • Quake Badge (Battling the King of the Mines!)
  • Jet Badge (An Amazing Aerial Battle!)
  • Freeze Badge (Caution: Icy Battle Conditions!)
  • Toxic Badge (Rocking the Virbank Gym! Part 2)

 Unova League ranking: Top 8


The Black&White series should be considered separately, however, given its multiple contradictions (read article “Ash’s Age in each series“), we keep still account its timeline.


  • The initial project for Ash’s hat, in the original series, was similar to that of Red (in the first generation). Subsequently, it was modified until its final design.tumblr_m2lzafGJzz1qh3ipho1_1280
  • When the english voice actor Veronica Taylor was interviewed in the documentary “Adventures in Voice Acting”, she revealed that, during the period of Ash’s voice auditions, the protagonist was known as Casey.
  • Rica Matsumoto (his japanese voice actor), during an interview said: “Satoshi always comes up with funny phrases, like pajama wa jama (japanese pun that more or less means ‘pajamas are a threat’) or jokes. This is what drew me to him as a character”.
  • Just as said by Rica Matsumoto, Ash is also known for his jokes with puns (it is famous, in the american dub, the phrase “I’m an apple for a day and I need a doctor right away“). Especially when he mutters, he often comes up with funny-sarcastic phrases.vlcsnap-error023
  • Ash loves apples. Among his favorite food we also find: fried chicken, spaghetti and custard as dessert. Ash eats everything and he also likes every kinds of vegetables. It seems that the only thing he doesn’t appreciate is the type of hazelnut which grows on Grotle.
  • In the episode “Up Close and Personable!” it is shown that Ash is good at drawing.
  • Ash is particularly good at climbing, also because he used to do it often as a child, playing on his own (as he mentioned in the episode “The Screen Actor’s Guilt“).
  • As seen in some episodes, Ash seems interested in catching a Dunsparce.68698
  • Ash is not by any mean tech-savvy.
  • The marking pen that Jigglypuff always kept with it actually belonged to Ash. The Pokémon had stolen it from his backpack.
  • Ash is really good at Physics: during battles (and in other situation too) he always creates tactics based on levers, calculation of forces, forces and accelerations, combination of natural elements, ecc.
  • The Master Ball-shaped ball, recurrently seen in the anime, belongs to Ash.
  • Ash has the same aura of Lucario and is the so-called “Aura Guardian“, however, at the moment, he is not interested in developing this particular ability.
  • Ash doesn’t like wearing pajamas, in fact, as a child, he often went sleeping without changing, making his mother angry.

Other Ash’s preparatory sketches:

Sources and external links:

  • Takeshi Shudo books (it contains links to sources too)
  • “Pokémon Mania” Magazine (fun fact about Rica Matsumoto)

About Pokénerd

Pokénerd was born in Umbria, Italy, in June 1992. She got so attached to the pokémon anime since the very beginning that she carefully watches every single episode. Her knowledge about the main character, Ash Ketchum is really vast. She discovered everything about him, and now she manages the entire online encyclopedia

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About Pokénerd

Pokénerd was born in Umbria, Italy, in June 1992. She got so attached to the pokémon anime since the very beginning that she carefully watches every single episode. Her knowledge about the main character, Ash Ketchum is really vast. She discovered everything about him, and now she manages the entire online encyclopedia