Letter to mr. Yuyama

We’re sorry for all our syntactical and grammatical errors. We’re italian and we’re doing our best

Dear Mr. Yuyama, this letter is from all the staff of Satoshipedia.

We all are really fond of the Pokemon Anime, some of us even since the first episode has been aired. Probably you won’t consider what we veterans think, but for once maybe it is best to listen to us, since the audience wievs of the Pokemon anime are dangerously dropping. We sincerely think that is quite selfish to aim the anime to “your 10 years old self”. You know better than us that Pokemon is a Shonen Anime and not a Kodomo, so the audience wants to see Satoshi grow up, and not to take steps back. This is why in all of this years, the audience continued to drop.

We, since we are writers, deeply think that creating a character means to give him life: it is a great responsibility, because somehow you made something born, and that thing can become the reference point for someone. This works also for us: you don’t have any idea how many difficult moments Satoshi has helped us to face, and you know why? Because characters have psychology, a life story, a soul…they are alive, even if we cannot talk to them physically or touch them, we have to respect their life just like anyone else!

So it is necessary to let you know a bit of a particular history, the history of someone we know, bullied for years for her tardive growth. Satoshi was her only anchor of salvation: he cured her pains, he comforted her and he helped her to become braver. He saved her life and nowadays that person still considers Satoshi as her hero. So watching him grow up alongside her, it reassured her to live a better life. Yes, you understood right: an eternal kid Satoshi would NOT have been able to give her the same strenght. Those are exactly the world she spoke. And now, thanks to your reboots, she has stopped watching the anime: she who loved you before anything else and considered you like her some kind of angels. If you want, we can let you contact this person, but most probably it won’t bother you.

Returning to us, you don’t have any idea how much we suffer watching Satoshi being “bullied” by the majority of the web. We read articles about him, on famous animation websites, and Satoshi was listed as “The biggest loser in anime history” or even worse “The main character who never grows up”. We always tried our best to defend him, by using Satoshipedia. Sometimes we are harsh, but it is the love and affection for Satoshi that encourages us to do so. We know every single episode by heart, and even if you keep regressing Satoshi back, we know that in the anime THERE IS a timeline. WE SAW Satoshi growing up and becoming more and more mature: nobody could ever convince us of the contrary, not even you. So we ask to you to let him live his future, in order to let him be loved just like the other characters.

Please, promise us that you’ll at least reflect on what we wrote. We just wanto to see Satoshi growing up and, also just like anyone else, we wish him to really become a Pokemon Master. We think he deserves it and you have to do it, after all he has done for you in those years. Please take act of the responsability you have on him, do not underestimate it, please! Thank you for your time.

Best regards, Satoshipedia’s Staff



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