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ita icon_satoshipediaTakeshi Shudo, creator of the Pokémon anime, published in 1997 and in 1999 two books titled Pocket Monsters: The Animation Volume 1 and 2, in which he revealed some of the greatest mysteries of the Pokemon series.

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This is the chapter in which there are official information about Ash’s father:

“I can’t sleep.” Ash said.
Delia answered, with striking Ash’s pillow:
“Sure, I can understand your feeling. All 10 and over years old kids in this town aim to be a Pokémon trainer. Your dad, your grandpa…and you…”
When she mentioned his father and his grandpa, Ash’s pillow was became a punching bag.

“Dad and grandpa…”
A memory of when he was 5 flashed in Satoshi’s mind.


It was the day when a PC was given to him for the first time.
Delia said, while staring at the brand-new PC:
“Hey, my son. I must say to you: your father and grandpa are great Pokémon trainers. Aren’t they?”
Ash was sure about this.

“Hey mom, tell me! What is my dad like? What sort of a man is my grandpa?”
When little Ash asked, she always gave the same answer.
“Your dad and grandpa are surreal trainers who surpass the hero Ookido Masara, probably.”

“Surreal?” It wasn’t a familiar word for him.

“Fantastic, over-realistic”

“They are superior men, you meant.”

“It’s something like that.”

But the day when the PC was delivered, superior dad and grandpa transformed into different persons. This is how it happened…
Delia got closer to the little Ash.
“Sorry, dear. I told you a falsehood.” Delia said to Ash with his mouth wide open.


“Surrealistic trainers. Surrealistic is super-realistic, super-realistic means to stand aloof from the reality… in other words, it’s a nonsense. Give me a break!”

A break should have been given to Ash more than her.

Then, Delia asked:

“Ash, when you begin to use a PC, you get into on-line communication, don’t you?”

“Yeah” Ash nodded.

“Then, you access to Pokémon-related web pages, and maybe you want to know more about your dad and grandpa.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“But perhaps you won’t be able to know it. ”

“Why? ”

“‘Cause I told a pack of lies…”


“It’s not a lie that your dad and grandpa aimed to be Pokémon trainers…it’s a fact…they are away on a journey, it’s an obvious fact, too.”


“But they became full-fledged trainers…”


“It is a lie, probably.”

“A lie?”

“You have never seen the report your dad and grandpa were elected to the ten thousand best trainers in a magazine or a journal, haven’t you?”

“Yeah, I’ve never seen it.”

“But it’s also true that only the Pokémon League participant of this year are listed in the top 10k trainers.  Great Pokémon Masters have nothing to do with the Pokémon League. Many great trainers are not in that ranking.”


“But if you check on the Internet you may find what you look for.”


“Yeah, you can get easily on the membership list of the World Pokemon trainers Association…. all official trainers are on the list I’ve heard that there are billions of names including the deceased trainers…”

“The membership list? That’s the first time I hear of it.”
“You can get it. Then you can search easily for your dad and grandpa’s names by PC even if there are billions of official trainers. So you’ll discover you can’t find the names of your dad and grandpa.”


“Your dad and grandpa aren’t authorized yet. In other words, they aren’t official trainers yet.”


A long silence hung between Delia and Ash for some time.
“What are they doing now? Dad and grandpa?” Ash asked.
Delia shrugged her shoulders.
“I don’t knoooow. Even if they are aiming to be trainers… their names aren’t on the list… it’s so fruitless…”
“It’s so fruitless…”
Ash repeated Delia words.
Since Delia hates make his son sad, she said it as if it wasn’t important.
“But, it doesn’t mean your efforts are fruitless. Don’t mind about your dad and grandpa, from now on. It is up to you whether you become a trainer or not, Ash.”
“Wow! Super Cool!”
“Yeah, Cool. “Very Super” Cool.”

Delia smiled.
It was a relief for her to realize that Ash wasn’t deeply shocked.
Ash’s feeling was as his word “Cool!”.

His dad and grandpa rarely were there with him: Ash has seen them only in some pictures.
In five years of life, Ash seemed not to have had a real story…
Whether his father and grandfather are great trainers or not, he didn’t change his wish of becoming a Pokémon trainer.

But Delia occasionally murmured:
“Ash’s dad and grandpa are still on a journey somewhere with the aim of becoming Pokémon Masters… What an envy!”
Ash heard these words so many times, because they reached his ears at least until he turned ten.
It was natural for Ash to dream of becoming a Pokémon Trainer.
But Delia didn’t mutter these words because of her anxiety for their safety, but just because she loves Pokémon and she wished to be a Pokémon Trainer.
If she wouldn’t have been the successor of her mother’s restaurant, she would have gone on a journey when she was 10 to become a Pokémon Trainer like Satoshi even if she would have had to run against her parents’ opposition.

They say that it’s better for a trainer’s formation to start the journey when he’s young.
But she felt so young…

“If someone who wants to succeed my mother’s restaurant appears, I will leave it to  him and I will start my journey immediately.
Hanako didn’t ever give up.
One day when she was 18… (Hanako’s mother was still living).
She fell in love at first sight with a traveler with the aim of becoming a Pokèmon Trainer who stayed at her mother’s inn.
Also, he fell in love with her.
Delia felt the same as him, and she married him very soon, without knowing the exact reason.

But he left on a journey, and never again returned home.
As if it wasn’t enough, her mother instantly died because of a disease.
Delia inherited the inn and a newborn baby.
“Do you still love him?” If she was asked, she would reply “No, sure!”.
If a woman like Delia was abandoned, and her husband returned back home after 10 years shamelessly, she would ignore him because getting angry is fruitless.
Delia did her best and grew up her son all alone until he decided to leave for his journey.
“Because it’s natural” she thinks.


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