The corner of Ash Ketchum’s AMV

We’re sorry for all our eventual grammatical and lexical mistakes. We’re Italian and we’re trying to do our best 🙂

To really understand who is and How is Ash, it is necessary to see him in action. The AMV that you’re about to see, represent him for all points of view. good vision 🙂

Ash Ketchum – The Growth of a Legend

Ash Ketchum – A Special Person

Ash & Greninja – Bond Phenomenom

Who’s Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum – The Hero


Ash Ketchum – Best of The Best


Ash Ketchum – Not Only Battles


Ash vs Paul – Freestyler


Ash vs Paul – Lake Acuity Battle


Ash Ketchum – XY

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