To fall in love with a character is POSSIBLE and it’s a REAL feeling!

Do you fell in love with an anime or manga character but your family and your friends doesn’t understand your feelings and/or try to clinicize you? This article is just what you needed!

We staff of Satoshipedia, realized it with the help and consulence of a well known psychologist (only to tranquilize the ones who believe that there is illness in it).

This is an amatorial article, resumed with “our words”, using personal experiences. We absolutely don’t want to generalize or entering in subjects we don’t have the knowledge to explore

First thing first we explained the doctor all the work that is behind the realization of an anime character (this also can be applied to a book character or another product developed by the same criteria): the main characteristic is the realism implied in it: so a psychology and a realistic story, full of details and rich of particularities. These characters, do NOT represent the stereotype of the “omnipotent” hero who lives in a utopistic perfect world: in the most cases they live a social and family life common in our reality, sometimes even problematic (lack of a parent, deaths, conflictual relationship,divorce,bully problems and so on).

So the characters have to make a journey on how to develop and grow, that will help them find the accomplishment of their goals. We viewers, just follow them in their journey and maybe also learn on how to deal with our problems following their personal experiences.

It is not a coincidence that in Japan there are even monuments of anime/manga characters, the One Piece Manga is even studied by japanese psychologist, because it is implied that helps people who feel lost and alone. Those are things that are considered absurd for the ones who don’t know japanese culture,because the occidental view off animation and comics is often associated with childhood or immaturity. But in Japan anime and manga are part of the culture of the country and exist for all the ranges of age and target.

Attack on Titan poster pubblished (in Japan) by the Minister of Health,Work and welfare in which the characters of this anime explain: “Choose what you prefer (to cover yourself) when you sneeze or cough”. And in the upper left angle of a poster there’s a titan coughing without covering his mouth.

Our experience is with Ash, so we presented him to the doctor in a very detailled way. He also as a very detailed psychology and a not very simple family situation. We are talking about a boy who was abandoned by his father, when he was just born, raised by a single mum, who was only nineteen when she gave birth and who just lost her mother (Ash’s granny). We also learnt how this has influenced Ash’s psychology who sometimes, had to help his mother who was literally in tears. His strong personality is derivated by the absence of his father, and by the personality (still very positive) of his own mother.

English translation: Ash’s Funfacts – The night before he started his journey, Ash promised his mother Delia that he would never be like his father. It is for this that he regularly came back after the end of every journey and when he was away he was worried that Professor Oak and Tracey Sketchit would not visit often her mother.

These details help creating a very realistic story: small details that can be not useful in the creation of a plot, but in reality bring an everyday sense of life and the perception of knowing these characters like they are friends which we spend time in our everyday real life.

English translation: Ash’s funfacts – Delia Ketchum often asked her son Ash to help her gardening. But Delia made Ash work so much that he could not even study.
English translation: Ash’s Funfacts – When he was a child Ash loved playing around and making messes. He started to get a bit naughty when he was around three. Delia often scolded him when he caused too many problems, but he never forced him to focalize his energies on his studies.

Speaking of Ash, he does not represent the perfect hero: even if he’s brave and has an extremely positive way of thinking, we learnt that he also feel vulnerability, errors, fears and problems of his character. Ash, teaches us on how to face problems in the most realistic way.

English translation: “This isn’t right! Not even myself know how should I Face problems! But you see.. instead of worring I always look to the positive side of it. Because even if things got wrong, I still have learnt something new. Nothing we do has to be lost! [Ash Ketchum]”

After learning the complexity of the character, the doctor asked us “Is Ash sexualized? Does he has a sexual orientment?”. The answer of these questions was obviously yes.

Ash is a male human guy, so the difference between him and an “object” is that he has a sexuality and characterics that are always present in his gender. So there’s nothing wrong in falling in love with him, and to feel all the “physical emotion” of sexual attraction (not getting deeper in it for obvious reasons”).

In scientific terms it is called “unilateral love” because it cannot be felt in both parts. There are mostly not very differences with falling in love with a real person, because in this case there is the possibility of being rejected. In both situations we feel loving someone who have known for long, but we couldn’t have a physical relation with it.
So considering the realistic and detailled psychology of the characters, united with the sexualization, in the end falling in love with a fictional character it is not an illness: it is an absolutely real feeling.

But do we can consider them as our “first love” or an effective “fianceè” of our life?

Starting with the fact that nobody cannot trashtalk about our feelings because they are real, we also have a scientific answer to this doubt.

Obviously, between character and real person there’s an evident and uncanny difference: with the character we cannot have a dialogue or a “real” relationship, so we feel the thing to “search for his presence” and everyone has his ways.
With Ash’s case (and characters like him) the most common way it is to take example from him, applying his teachings on real life.

English translation: “Being Prudent is good,but there are things you cannot known untill you’ve tried. Try at least once and everything will be fine!”[Ash Ketchum]

We explained the doctor a case of real life:
A Girl who suffered from violent panic attacks, was anxious to the idea to face his first work call. The panic attacks left her with a difficult situation, but she found strength in dealing with it thinking about how Ash would have done it: “What woul Ash say to me if he was here? He will obviously tell me to not give up even after a fail”. So the girl remembered a promise “she made to Ash”: to fully work on his dream. Getting strength from this promise and with the conviction that Ash would be proud of her, the girl picked up the phone and everything went fine.

English translation: “Everything we do in our life is precious: Every experience can help us to achieve our goals”[Ash Ketchum]
After listening to this story the doctor explained “See?This is a case on which Ash helped with a active support: he practically was there, motivating this girl. There are no doubts that he could be considered her first love”.

Even if these words are fruit of a writer work there are still Ash’s words: because a writer has to think with the brains of the character on he is working, not with his own. He has to follow strictly Ash’s psychology, that can be different from his own. Obviosly some situation can bring the character to a psychological change, like it would happen in reality.

There’s a term on how to indicate an anime/manga character on who you are desperately fallen in love with: waifu for girls character and husbando for male characters.

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