Who’s really Ash Ketchum

Our Site, Satoshipedia, is an online encyclopedia fully dedicated to Ash Ketchum, created in order to defend him from all the distorted spread information about him. Those cause a misguided and approximate consideration of this well known character.

In the most common information sites, Ash is commonly refered as an illogical and immature character. The reality is very different and needs to be clarified.

As simplified by this picture in the upper line we saw the one who we call “the real Ash Ketchum”, the one who has his CANON appearence, who demonstrated maturation and growning of this character. His age,indeed, goes from 10/11 to 16/17 years old.

In the Lower line, however we see “parallel” and intentionally regressed versions of Ash.This is caused by commercial strategies from Pokemon Company, that are obviously causing a downgrade of sharings of the animated series. Other Details can be found here in those link.

Naturally that has caused a lot of confusion regarding Ash whom, from who doesn’t know the facts, is considerated an eternal Peter Pan. In reality, in the Canon anime series (and not only), time has objectively passed.It is important also to underline the deep psychology of the character of Ash. He has,indeed, a very articulated past on the back of his shoulders and this also defines his personality. All the details can be seen in those links

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About Pokénerd

Pokénerd was born in Umbria, Italy, in June 1992. She got so attached to the pokémon anime since the very beginning that she carefully watches every single episode. Her knowledge about the main character, Ash Ketchum is really vast. She discovered everything about him, and now she manages the entire online encyclopedia